Breastfeeding Advice – some practical tips



Here at Frugi we’re all for breastfeeding, as you know, so we’ve put together a few little tips for you…

It can be a bit daunting when you start breastfeeding for the first time and it’s not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to get right straight away. With the help of our Frugi Crusaders and some of our team here at Frugi HQ who are mums themselves, we’ve put together some top tips for all the new breastfeeding mums out there.

1. Go to the loo before you start!

2. Keep a bottle of water by your bed and wherever you feed at all times, you get incredibly thirsty at the very moment you cannot get up for a drink! If you prefer to have a hot drink, get a thermos mug to keep it warm (and get someone to do refills for you!!)

3. Make sure you’ve got the TV remote/phone within reach before you begin! Nothing worse than realising they are on the other side of the room when you have cushion in place, are perfectly comfy and positioned and baby has started feeding!

4. Get someone to show you/help you feed lying down, a lazy afternoon feeding session in bed is very therapeutic and you may well find you choose to feed that way as often as possible.

5. Lucy really liked having her baby’s cot up next to her bed with the side down – it makes it really easy for night time feeds and you are in close contact with your baby.

6. Treat yourself to at least one really nice, well designed breastfeeding top or dress (with good tummy coverage!) for when you are meeting friends for lunch or something. They can make you feel a million times more comfortable, both by being cut to suit post-baby bodies, and also making feeding a bit more discreet.

7. Don’t get too bogged down with what’s “normal” or “right” from all the millions of books that you’ll probably read and advice from pediatricians etc….your natural instincts will kick in!

8. There are loads of support groups out there, and if you’re feeling way out of your depth, don’t forget all the online forums (our Frugi Crusaders recommend and Facebook groups where there are hundreds of mums who have already “been there, done that” who are there to support you!

9. Learn to do a lot with one hand…eat, type, read, phone, that sort of thing!

10. Most of all, enjoy this time of closeness with your baby – it goes so, so quickly!

With love,

Team Frugi xxx


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