Lucy Jewson is off to the women of the year awards

Lucy Jewson co-founder of Frugi organic cotton clothes

Lucy Jewson co-founder of Frugi organic cotton clothes

Frugi co-founder and all-round lovely lady Lucy Jewson will join 400 inspirational women at the annual Women of the Year lunch to celebrate achievement across all fields.

Lucy has been handpicked in recognition of her personal contribution to society to join 400 women from all walks of life, all of whom have achieved something of significance, at the Women of the Year lunch. Now in its 56th year the event includes ITV’s Lorraine who is awarding the Inspirational Woman of the Year. It will take place on Monday 17 October 2011 at the InterContinental Hotel in London.

Every guest at the lunch is a ‘Woman of the Year’; they are each celebrated. They represent not only themselves but the millions of extraordinary women who make a difference every day. In a world which often celebrates ‘celebrity’ – Women of the Year sets itself apart by honouring real achievement and diversity.

Lucy, nominated by a previous Awards Chairperson, is attending in celebration and recognition of her achievements, particularly running a successful organic clothing company with strong environmental ethics – Frugi donate 1% of our turnover to two grassroots charities and also support the Navbharat Orphanage, near our manufacturers in India.

Lucy comments, “I was blown away when I opened the invitation and it’ll be an amazing day meeting such empowering colleagues. I am really proud to have been nominated for such an esteemed event on behalf of everyone at Frugi too.”

Dame Helena Kennedy QC, President of the Women of the Year, comments: “The lunch celebrates women’s triumphs over adversity; their inventiveness; their humanity; their compassion and dedication in many fields; their sporting and artistic glory; their creativity and sheer genius. One woman’s success may not mean the world has changed but lauding it, cheering it, can give courage and inspiration to others. Our society is full of fabulous women and, midst the economic gloom, it should be a source of celebration.”

At the lunch, five awards will be presented to exceptional women who have each proved an inspiration to others through their courage, selflessness and dedication.

The winners are selected by a diverse cross-section of women represented on the nominating council, consisting of prominent figures from the arts, media, science, politics and a number of other major fields.

So we wish Lucy the very best of luck and hope she has a fab time- say hello to Ruby Wax and LuLu from us! 🙂

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