The importance of washable cloth nappies to Frugi

The first Cut4Cloth press photo


As many of you will know, Frugi started life as Cut4Cloth. Basically, clothes that were cut that little bit bigger so that they would fit over washable cloth nappies. As time progressed we changed the company name, but we still love cloth nappies.

All of the Frugi baby ranges are still designed to fit over washable nappies, as well as disposable nappies. It’s something that we hold dear to our hearts. My boys are out of nappies now, but I do remember how squidgey and cute they looked with their big cloth bums!

Yes, you have to deal with the poo a bit more as opposed to putting the nappy in a bag and putting it in the bin for the landfill. The upside is that they are cheaper in the long run and you don’t have to keep buying an arsenal of nappies each time you go to the supermarket.

(For those trips out where cloth just isn’t practical, there are lots of eco-disposables on the market now that can fill the stop-gap between washing machines).

I know that it’s not really a bloke thing to talk about nappies and the like, but our son’s big cloth bum inspired us to start this wonderful company so I feel that I owe the cloth nappies our continued support.




  1. Kirstie Newton

    For the first year, my daughter used mostly cloth nappies, combined with eco-disposables by the Swedish brand Naty (which are every bit as absorbent as the bigger names). These days, with a more hectic lifestyle, I rely on the disposables more, and I rather miss the reusables. They often make poo easier to deal with – just flush it down the loo with the liner, simples! (Unless you’ve had a nappy disaster, but let’s not go there…)

    Yesterday, I took my daughter to nursery to discover that a professional photographer had been in and taken some gorgeous pix. Thank goodness she was wearing her Frugi ensemble that day 🙂

  2. steph

    I love my son’s cloth nappies, the colours, softness, ease and cost. Our daughter who is due in April will get to wear them too. I don’t think people realise how easy they are and how much sense they make. My son is now 18 months and fully understands that poo goes down the loothanks to using cloth nappies; I’m hoping this will make potty training easier and make much more sense to him. I wonder if any little ones struggle with this concept ifall they see is poo going in the bin!
    I use bum genius and couldn’t recommend them enough!

  3. Cote abascal

    I’m using cloth diapers with my daugther Almendra. Here in Chile is not a common thing yet but me and my husband are struggling to make them more popular. The are really easy to use and wash and I completely agree that they look very cute with their big bottoms. We have really nice designs with animals prints and pink hearts so another good thing about cloth diapers is that they can be really fun!
    And also thanks frugi for making suitable cloth for our kids with big bottoms! My daugther looks so lovely in this part of the world!

  4. Fiona Thompson

    I have used cloth nappies with both my children. Initially five + years ago we had problems getting trousers to fit over my son’s nappies and often had to exchange well-meaning clothing gifts that just didn’t fit. Then we heard about Cut4Cloth, as it was then, from a parenting noticeboard and haven’t looked back since. His clothes have subsequently been passed on to my cousin who has two boys now and both are wearing his old Frugi clothes. My daughter has also had various clothes by Frugi which have enabled her to look cute, be practical and comfortable in her cloth nappies. Sadly, last week she announced at 2 years and 2 months that she doesn’t want to wear nappies any more and wants to be in pretty-big-girl-pants. Actually, although a part of me is relieved at the sudden drop in washing, a part of me is also sad as I too loved the big bum cloth nappy look. Fortunately your clothes go to 8 years old. Hurray! Frugi and all it stands for can still be a part of our household even post-cloth-nappies.

  5. Jo

    My daughter is coming up for a year and has been in re-usables since she was a month old. We love them – fewer poo explosions than with disposables, and she does look very cute with her big bum. People think they are a lot more work than they really are. Thank you Frugi for the trousers. Now she can wear trousers just like the other kids without looking like weeble.

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