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Some kind of obsession.

Recently I was reminded of how catalogue shopping used to be. You filled in an order form and posted it back to the retailer, or gave them a call, to tell them what you would like to buy. However, there was always the obligatory, “Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.” Can you imagine that now?

Today we, rightly, expect instant replies from companies if we send them a message. We want our goods shipped that day and to receive them the next. If we have a problem, we expect the retailer to deal with it with the same speed that they dealt with our purchase.

This has always been at the heart of what we do, here at Frugi. It is said that, “You only know how good a company is by how they behave when you have a problem.” Well, we’ve always tried to behave impeccably, and to surpass our customer’s expectations. A cliché maybe…everyone says that don’t they?

Well, this leads me on to why I was reminded of, “The good old days.” I recently had reason to return a pair of trousers to a well known clothes retailer. So, I emailed and had an automated reply that my email would be replied to within 48hrs. Crikey, 48hrs seems like an eternity these days. Anyway, I didn’t get a reply so I emailed again and then tweeted them. So, I then came to return the trousers.

Anyway, after about a fortnight I emailed again and had to go for exactly the same procedure to see what was going on. Got my money back eventually but crikey, what a hassle.

What I am trying to say is that companies need to be ‘on it’. Talking to their customers, answering their questions, shipping their goods, dealing quickly with returns. Basically, it should be some kind of obsession.


Kurt (Slightly…obsessed)



  1. angela flint

    Always great customer service at Frugi – love it – well done:)

  2. Katie L

    I totally agree. Great customer service (with any company) is what keeps me coming back. Frugi is absolutely amazing!!

  3. Nicola kleiser

    I was amazed that the week before christmas the parcel from frugi arrived the next day.

  4. Charley and Nicole

    You should be very proud of your company achievements and staff as they are all fab and nothing is ever too much trouble, I wish everyone worked to the same ideals. My mum goes on about using something called a telephone? – she likes talking to those ‘ really lovely people’ as apparently you always know what she means (often she herself does not) licky licky brown nose trophy for me, but praise where praise is due – and it is 🙂

  5. Esther Groh

    Yes even here in Germany we love your observations and wish people would care a bit more about their customers (after all they’re the only ones they have …). I understand from what I read in the blog and comments above that it’s supposed to be different on Planet Frugi. Therefore I assume my message from app. 1 week ago via your contact form (threatening to enlarge my previous day’s order) must have been swallowed by a black hole or was censored by David Cameron fearing I might be Angie’s new super-weapon to overrun good old Albion …??? This is the only reason I can think of why my inbox remains empty, empty, empty day after day … Sometimes an automated “thanks for your enquiry” message might even be reassuring.
    Kind regards
    Esther (slightly confused as I really believe in your professed obsession with service and communication)

    • Kurt Jewson

      Hi Esther

      Many thanks for your blog comment.

      I have spoken to Dominique, who is in charge of our customer service, and have seen she wrote you an email on Thursday 2nd.

      It said, “if you would like to add a few items to your order, please email me in the next 24 hrs…. I hope this helps, and please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you”

      So it would seem that we received some correspondence from you, and that we did reply.

      I have also written you an email, which I don’t think you could have received as we haven’t had a reply.

      Could have a look into your spam / junk email folder to see if our emails are in there?

      I will ask Dominique to call you, in Germany, today if we do not hear back from our emails.

      Best wishes and many thanks


  6. Fiona Thompson

    I mistakenly ordered a pair of trousers for my son in the wrong size just before Christmas I think it was. I phoned today to explain that having got them out of the packet I discovered my mistake. I was told that a replacement pair will be put in the post today as there are only two pairs left in that size and just to return the others at some stage with a note in explaining why they are being returned. Okay, so you are sending me a second pair of trousers and haven’t even received the too small ones back yet? Now that is customer service – respectful and trusting to your customers that we aren’t just going to keep both pairs?! Thank you. I posted them to you today.

    Your customer service is awesome.

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