Our amazing Tracy and her Kidney transplant

Tracy Carroll

Frugi’s fantastic Tracy celebrating 1 yer on from her kidney transplant

It was Flowers and applause for Tracy (Who looks after everything financial here at Frugi) this morning, to celebrate the anniversary of her kidney transplant.

She is an inspiration to all of us, and we are so proud of her.

Just over a year ago, she was diagnosed with acute Kidney failure and ended up having a transplant. Her mum was a match, and so it came to be that she donated a kidney to her.

It’s been a life changing experience, but throughout Tracy has been truly brilliant.

She has told her story on her blog . Have a look HERE

So, well done Tracy – we all love you, and here’s to a happy and healthy  future!

Kurt xxx



  1. Tracy

    Thanks to everyone at Frugi for their support. You all stood by me during the difficult times and for that I will always be grateful. Tonight I will raise a glass of Champagne with my mum and toast health and happiness 🙂

    • Diana

      Just read your blog…very touching to read it so directly…I’m so happy you’re so healthy and radiant now!!!! Congratulations to you and your mum, it’s party time!!!!! Hooray!!!!

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