Amit comes to Frugi HQ

Brr it’s chilly in Cornwall Lucy (Photo Adam Gibbard)

Everyone at Frugi was very excited last week when Amit, who owns a fantastic organic cotton factory in India, came all the way across the world to visit us down here in, a slightly chilly, Cornwall.

It was great to see him. He was our first manufacturer, all the way back in 2003 when we started Cut4Cloth (Clothes for cloth nappies), and helped us so much in our early years. Obviously we see him all the time when we go out to India, but this was his first ever trip to the UK.

However,  it was a bit chilly! It was a bit chilly for everyone… and Amit was feeling it a bit. But he was, he assured us, very happy to be togged up in his coat and hat!

We had some great chats, and got loads done. His philosophy and ethics are truly inspirational.

He is safely home now, and has shown his family and friends all the photos of the Frugi crew and Cornwall.

It was great to see him, and can’t wait for him to visit us all again!

Cheers Amit





  1. angela flint

    lovely post:)

  2. Bethan Foster

    Glad his trip went well despite the weather!

  3. Chamila

    Indeed Glad to hear about the great meeting. Its barely that cold in INdia i guess.

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