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To be in with a chance of winning this fab cow print bib from Skibz bibs please answer the following question:

How many Cornish pasties have been consumed in the Frugi office this week alone?

Leave your answer as a comment below by 12pm next Friday (24th Feb)

A winner will be chosen at random from all the correct entries.

Good luck! 🙂


  1. Kim Sullivan

    I’m going to say 56 cornish pastries consumed this week 🙂

  2. Sarah Worton

    Yummy im will guess 15 x

  3. emma lincoln

    4 cornish pasties.

  4. Ciara Goodwin

    I guess that 12 Cornish pasties have been eaten in your offices!


  5. Tessa Goodridge-Reynolds

    12 pasties! 🙂

  6. Daisy

    I think seventeen. But then I don’t know how many people there are in the office :o)

  7. Amy M

    I don’t even know what a cornish pastie is.. lol.. So, I’ll guess 83

  8. Amy Phillips

    I’d guess around 8?

  9. Alice Margetts

    hmmm I’d say if you can count them then probably not enough 🙂
    LOL, AE

  10. rodica baciu

    35 cornish pasties.

  11. Mel

    Ooh pasties, handsome; 37

  12. Kate Duggan

    Not the foggiest. 6?

  13. Rebecca


  14. debbie brady

    I reckon 22 !

  15. klaudia


  16. Roisin Gibbons

    me thinks 2!!

  17. Sian Goddard

    7 …. a complete guess 🙂

  18. Katarina


  19. hannah murphy

    Ummm I guess 12 pasties!! Yummy.

  20. hannah murphy

    someone has already said 12 so make it 13. x

  21. Lisa Dodson

    16 dishlish pies.

  22. Anna

    i’m thinking 11!

  23. Fay Wheeler


  24. Andrea

    Far to many…but I will go with 13!

  25. Eira Hancock

    You can’t eat that many pasties and look as good as you all do, so I say 13 (can I win one for flattery!)

  26. Helen

    I hope they were all large ones! 19 pasties.

  27. Alison

    I’ll guess 11…as they say when in Rome (or Cornwall, as it happens)!

  28. Kelly Fleming

    You’ve eaten 10 cornish pasties this week!

  29. Caroline Walker

    I guess 22!

  30. Jennifer Langley

    I’m going to guess nine

  31. claire drysdale-wood

    23 ! yum yum ; )

  32. Sarah Swain

    If you eat them as quick as the Frugi boys ate baked beans, probably a fair few! 17 is my guess.

  33. Claire Corry

    Mmm I think it’s 13, could murder a Cornish pasty myself.

  34. Sarah Buckley

    I’m going to guess 22.

  35. mary

    I think 16 pasties!

  36. Kathryn

    I think 8 delicious pasties have been consumed

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