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1% of every Frugi order you place is donated to two fab charities through our 1% for the planet membership. Cornwall Wildlife Trust is one of them!

Frugi’s donation to the Marine Conservation Programme is used in a number of ways to fund both one off projects and ongoing work to help conserve our fab marine wildlife.

There are all sorts of things, from testing a “Pinger” device with local fishermen that will hopefully keep dolphins and porpoises away from fishing nets and prevent them getting entangled to training Marine Strandings Network volunteers on how to record vital evidence from animals which strand on our beaches.

This year they are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary, keep up the good work guys! 🙂



For your chance to Win a fab t-shirt just answer the following question:

Which anniversary are The Cornwall Wildlife Trust celebrating this year?


Leave your answer as a comment below by 12pm Tues 28th Feb 2012

A winner will be chosen at random from all the correct entries and contacted to choose their T-shirt.



  1. Gina

    50th anniversary

  2. Nansi Joy

    50th Anniversary

  3. Helen

    50 years of the Cornwall wildlife trust! 🙂

  4. Katja Szudarek

    Dear Frugi-Team!

    The Cornwall Wildlife is celebrating the 5h Anniversary!

  5. Cath Tyler

    They are celebrating their 50th anniversary of protecting Cornwall’s wildlife

  6. Alessandra


  7. Kat Symonds

    Golden anniversary, 50 years

  8. Hannah Beeley

    fifth anniversary for the Cornish Wildlife Trust. Go them!

  9. Lauren Brindle

    Hello :o)

    The Cornwall Wildlife trust is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary!

    Oooh…. I hope I win a T-Shirt, they look so lovely! x

  10. abbie gregory

    50th anniversary!

  11. Anne Tay

    50th anniversary

  12. Ruth Neal

    50 years!! Well done for all their hard work!!

  13. Sue Yardley

    50 years

  14. Anna

    It is the Cornwall Wildlife trusts’ 50th Anniversary 😉

  15. Charlene

    they’re celebrating their 50th anniversary, although (just to be pedantic) you do actually say “fiftith” above! love the fishy t-shirts btw!

  16. petra

    50th Anniversary

  17. Wendy Shippam

    It says ‘fiftith anniversary’ in your article, which I presume means 50th anniversary. Well done The Cornwall Wildlife Trust!

  18. Zara

    Cornwall wildlife trust are celebrating their 50th anniversary

  19. Sally Scothern

    They are celebrating their fiftith anniversary

  20. Kim Sullivan

    they are celebrating their 50th anniversary 🙂

  21. Sandie Harwood

    50th anniversary – they’ve made half a century!

  22. Christina

    Celebrating 50th Anniversary!

  23. Chloe

    50th anniversary

  24. Emma Locker

    The 50th anniversary.

  25. Martine Harry

    Answer: 5 years w

  26. Sophie Bryant

    50th anniversary

  27. Emma

    50th, congratulations 🙂

  28. Anna Le Grange

    They are celebrating their 50th Year.

  29. elaine atkinson


  30. Elissa Scotland

    “Fiftith” = 50th = fishy-ith according to my daughter who’d love one of the t-shirts!

  31. Lynn Beasant

    Per the wildlife trust website – 50 years of good work!

  32. Katy Tatem

    They are clebrating their 50th Anniversary – keep up the fantastic work!

  33. Louisa

    50 years!

  34. Lisa Dodson

    It’s their 50th anniversary. Well done Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

  35. Birgit Holland

    fiftith! 😉

  36. miriam

    The results from the Orkney jury are in and we say ‘ they are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary’ let’s hope there are many more 50 year anniversaries to come.


  37. wendy ellis

    5 years! congratulations!

  38. wendy ellis

    50 years! congratulations!

  39. Crowella

    Its their 50th Anniversary!

  40. wendy

    50th anniversary.

  41. Danielle Campbell

    50 Fabulous years 🙂 xxx

  42. Emma Cooper

    50th xxx

  43. Flatres

    They celebrate their 50th anniversary.

  44. Helen

    The Cornwall Wildlife Trust celebrates their 50th Anniversary!

  45. Anna

    50th anniversary!

  46. Katherine Baverstock

    50th anniversary!

  47. Joana Bozhilova

    50th Anniversary!

  48. anne newlands

    The Cornwall Wildlife Trust are celebrating their fiftith anniversary this year.

  49. Alexander Bozhilov

    50th Anniversary!

  50. Fiona Bates

    Celebrating their 50th anniversary 🙂

  51. Kate Ashley

    Cornwall wildlife trust are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2012 – well done!

  52. Catherine Garland

    They’re celebrating their “fish – tee – eth” (50th) anniversary. Sorry, couldn’t help myself there.

  53. Fay Wheeler

    The Cornwall Wildlife Trust celebrates their 50th Anniversary!

  54. Nikki Fitter

    50 fabulous years :0)

  55. Kate M

    Oh it’s their fiftieth!

  56. Andrea

    They are celebrating 50years!

  57. Lorien

    50 years!:)

  58. Elly Weir

    50th anniversary of the cornwall wildlife trust!! Fishys ahoy!

  59. Sarah

    They are celebrating their 50th Year – nearly as long as the Queen’s reign!

  60. Jennifer Hales

    50th anniversary

  61. Amanda McNamara

    It’s their 50th year celebration

  62. Bohdana

    50 fabulous years of The Cornwall Wildlife Trust 🙂

  63. Pauline Stephens

    50th Anniversary

  64. Helen

    50 years!

  65. Anna Taylor

    fiftith anniversary!

  66. Fiona

    celebrating 50 years and wishing them 50+ more!

  67. sugar

    5Oth anniversary ! 🙂

  68. Kirsty

    The Cornwall Wildlife Trust are celebrating their Fiftieth Anniversary this year

  69. Fiona Thompson

    50th anniversary.

  70. Isabelle


  71. Amy Lee

    50th Anniversary!

  72. Nikki

    50th Anniversary

  73. Marion

    They’re celebrating 50 years!

  74. Ally

    50th! wow!

  75. Jenny

    50th Anniversary. Fabulous Fishes for a fantastic fiftieth!

  76. Katie Webster

    Their fiftieth!

  77. Chay

    50th Anniversary 🙂

  78. Emma Hawes

    The Cornwall Wildlife trust is celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

  79. Emilie

    50th and many happy returns!

  80. Asta Neely

    50th Anniversary 🙂

  81. Amy Hadgett

    According to your blog they are celebrating their fiftith, which as a teacher who has marked several spellings of said word, I would say is the 50th.

  82. Shivanthi

    50 years!

  83. Fran Abbs

    50th anniversary, yay!

  84. despina

    50th Anniversary!!!

  85. vasso

    They are celebrating their 50th anniversary

  86. Joana Bozhilova

    50th Anniversary

  87. Veronika

    50th Anniversary

  88. EmilyS

    50th! (or ‘fiftith’ as you have put, just in case you’re going to be technical about it!)

  89. Ayo Adebiyi

    50th anniversary

  90. Joanna

    It says ‘fiftith anniversary’ in your article, which I presume means 50th anniversary!

  91. Charlotte

    50th anniversary!

  92. Jurgita

    50th Anniversary!

  93. Olivia

    50th anniversary.

  94. Lucy Bannell

    It’s their 50th anniversary – their Golden year. Congratulations!

  95. Alison

    50th Anniversary!

  96. Nadezhda Starkova

    50th Anniversary!!! Great date!!!!!

  97. Tamasin

    Their fiftieth anniversary

  98. Nev

    50th. 🙂 Happy Anniversary.


  99. eva

    The Cornwall Wildlife Trust is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary.

  100. Iseult Ni dhomhnaill


  101. Jason

    Celebrating it’s happy 50th ;o)

  102. Eleanor Waters

    50th Anniversary. Congratulations!

  103. Eleanor Waters

    50th Anniversary!

  104. Rebecca

    The Cornwall Wildlife Trust is celebrating 50 years! Now there’s nothing fishy about that 😉

  105. Simmi

    Ohhh I’m going to guess at 50th anniversary?!?! The T-Shirts are gorgeous!

  106. Sarah McKean

    50th Anniversary – Congrats all round!

  107. Anna

    50th Anniversary.

  108. Liz

    50th Anniversary

  109. Zoya Shterionova

    50th Anniversary!

  110. Alexandra Bew

    50 years!

  111. louisa

    50th Anniversary :)))

  112. Inga Fairley

    50th anniversary 🙂

  113. Matthew Papworth

    50th Anniversary

  114. Lisa Morrell


  115. jo

    50th anniversary

  116. Caroline Walker

    50th anniversary 🙂

  117. adriana rieglova

    50th anniversary!!

  118. Claire Corry

    It is their 50th year.

  119. Kathryn

    50 years and going strong – we love the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and we love Frugi!

  120. pamela

    their 50 th year!

  121. Debs Evans

    It is the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s 50th anniversary!

  122. Nina

    They are celebrating their 50th anniversary!!!

  123. EMMA

    50th anniversary

  124. Jen Hart

    50th Anniversary

  125. Erika

    Maybe 50th anniversary?? I wish them other 50!!

  126. Bryony

    50th anniversary

  127. Rodica

    50th Anniversary!

  128. Linda Margaret O'Connell

    50th Anniversary

  129. Dave

    50th Anniversary 🙂

  130. Jennifer Langley

    50th Anniversary

  131. Päivi Pyykkö-Morko

    Their fiftieth anniversary. Congratulatios!

  132. Samantha Cerniglia

    50 years!!

  133. angela flint

    They are celebrating their 50th Anniversary

  134. Olivia Cameron

    50th Birthday this year for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust – well done them! x

  135. Tina

    50th anniversary

  136. Kate Duggan

    50th and well done to them!

  137. nicola matthews

    50th Anniversary!!! congratulations 🙂

  138. Samantha Clark

    fiftieth anniversary

  139. alison stather-hooper

    50th anniversary

  140. ana

    50th Anniversary

  141. Philip Kemp


  142. Sarah Coyle

    50th Anniversary

  143. Mrs Michelle Dent

    50th Congratulation!!!!!

  144. Perin

    50th anniversary!

  145. Berit E.

    They celebrate their 50th anniversary!

  146. Francesca

    I would say 50th!

  147. Kate Penna

    Their 50th anniversary. Keep up the good work CWT 🙂

  148. Sue Dover

    Hi Frugi
    It’s their 50th anniversary

  149. sara

    Their 50th anniversary!

  150. Hynek Sobotík

    It’s their 50th anniversary! 🙂

  151. Alison

    50th anniversary

  152. Lisa Morrell

    It’s their 50th anniversary.

  153. Ann

    50th anniversary

  154. Sarah Swain

    50th!! Cake all round I think!

  155. Jacqueline Henderson

    50th anniversary

  156. Lotte Rouquet

    Their fiftieth. Many happy returns!

  157. Emma

    Fifty years.

  158. Beth

    They are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Brilliant work.

  159. Louise Smith

    Cornwall Wildlife Trust is celebrating their 50th Anniversary 🙂

  160. Ruth Simmons

    They are celebrating their 50th anniversary

  161. pippa young

    50 Years of amazing work for Cornwall!

  162. Clare

    50th anniversary

  163. Naoise Mannion

    50th Anniversary!

  164. anna turner

    Golden, 50 years!

  165. Rachel Baugh

    The Wildlife Trust are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year! What a great charity to support.

  166. Charlotte McKay

    50th Anniversary

  167. Sarah Buckley

    50th anniversary.

  168. Jennie doig

    50 year anniversary.

  169. Katie Barrowman

    It’s the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s 50th Anniversary 🙂

  170. Lisa

    50th Anniversary 🙂

  171. mary

    50th anniversary

  172. Kathryn

    xxxxxx 50th xxxxxx

  173. Lynsey

    50th Anniversary

  174. Jane Porter

    Hi Dom & Team Frugi, It’s the 50th anniversary! Love the orange sharky tee. Just ordered one!

  175. Pam

    fiftieth Anniversary

  176. stella

    50th Anniversary

  177. Clare Brierley

    50th anniversary, keep up the good work!

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