Decorate an Easter plant pot

Why not decorate your own plant pot this Easter? Plant a little seed in it and look after it until it grows!

You will need:

A naked plant pot

Some paints (Acrylic or poster paint should be fine)


A seed to plant, sunflowers are very easy to grow and can be grown inside at this time of year.



Cover all surfaces with newspaper, you could make a newspaper hat in case you get paint in your hair?

Decide what you would like to paint on your pot, spots, flowers, stripes or bees or what ever you fancy! 

When you have painted your pot, leave it somewhere nice and warm to dry.

To plant your seed; fill your plant pot nearly to the top with soil, stick your finger or a stick in the centre and hollow out a little hole about an inch deep for the seed.

Drop the seed into his new house and cover him up with soil

Water .not too much..not too little ..just right!

Leave in a sunny place like on a window sill and wait for him to grow!

Once he has grown enough you will need to transfer him to the garden or a larger pot so he can reach his full height!






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