How to make a new friend this Easter!

Making friends is easy!

 Here’s what you’ll need…

Half an egg shell

Section of an egg carton

Cotton wool/kitchen roll

Water cress seeds



Marker pen

Googly stick on eyes



Here’s how you make them…

1. Glue your googly eyes onto your egg or draw on a big smiley face with a marker pen

2. Fill your egg with your cotton wool or kitchen roll.

3. Sprinkle watercress seeds on the top of the cotton wool, try not to leave any big bare spots or he/she will have a patchy haircut. Water your eggy friend well.

4. This is a good time to give your friend a name.. a good name for an egg usually begins with an E, for example; Eggwina or Eggbert

5. Put your pal in the egg box section and place in a sunny window.

6. Depending on your cress seed you should start seeing amazing cress hair growing in 5-10 days.



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