Real Nappy Week 2012: TotsBots Easyfit review


I’m Angela, one of Frugi’s crusaders for this year, mum to Benjamin who is 18mths and a Frugi and Tots Bots lover.

For Real Nappy Week 2012 Tots Bots kindly gave me one of their new Easyfit Story Prints to review.

We started using real nappies when Benjamin was a couple of months old and had severe Eczema (about the same time we discovered FRUGI).  Cloth nappies and Frugi clothes helped Benjamin’s eczema a lot; he was a much happier, less itchy baby.

Our first nappy purchase were some TotsBots Easyfits in the starburst pattern, so easy to use we were really impressed. Our collection of nappies has grown a lot and TotsBots Easyfits and Bamboozles feature heavily in it. I was really curious when TotsBots announced a completely new Easyfit – how could they improve on something that was already so good?  But they did.

The Nappy

The nappy is the same shape and same great quality as the previous Easyfit V2, but TotsBots have improved the PUL (the waterproof outer). This is lovely and soft, the leg and back elastics have improved and offer an even better fit for babies.

The core of the nappy has also changed, it’s now minky. This is a man-made fabric which you will want to sit and stroke it is so soft.  It also makes the nappy super slim.  I was slightly concerned about how absorbent this would be as Benjamin is a super wetter but really surprised, the nappy lasted 4 hours without a booster. I think minky will be the new wonder fabric for nappies.

Benjamin is a very curious little boy and has recently discovered he can open the aplix tabs on his nappies, so TotsBots introducing poppers to their nappy range is great. I have used both velcro and poppers and both work really well.

Washing / Drying

The nappy washes really well, the minky core does not seem to hold any stains and comes out lovely and soft. One of the biggest benefits of the nappy though is the drying time which was about 3 hours just hung on an airer without house heating on a rainy day in Lancashire – for this alone it gets a 5 star rating.


We have tried lots of nappies over the past year and this one definitely gets a 5 star rating. The new story prints are even nicer in real life than in pictures and the London print has had my little boy pointing at his nappy all morning and saying car and bus. I’ve never seen him so excited about a nappy change.

I’m giving it a 5 star rating – We love it.

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  1. Jelly Babies

    These look fab. Great review!

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