A mum’s memories of breastfeeding…

Here at Frugi, we love breastfeeding and as it’s National Breastfeeding Week we thought it was the perfect time to introduce a shiny new member of team Frugi!  Emma heads up our marketing and sales team and has two children, aged 5 and 7.  Here she shares her experience of breastfeeding…

“Breastfeeding was one of the biggest revelations of my life and is now something I feel passionate about.

Frugi's Emma provides a mum’s memories


To begin with, it was really hard however, and it was only pure dogmatic determination that got us through those first few days.  If anyone tells you it’ll just come naturally – DON’T believe them!  You’ve got to learn how to do it, baby has to learn how to do it and once you’ve learnt it once, with another baby it can be totally different.  Expect to be sore to begin with, it WILL pass. DO stick with it!


We’ve all read about the benefits of breastfeeding – for mother and baby – it’s ALL GOOD.  With the benefit of a few years to reflect, here are all the other more intangible things I remember about breastfeeding my two… good and bad!



  • ●  How it felt like you were constantly feeding in those early days
  • ●  How you learn to have glass of water, TV remotes and phone at the ready BEFORE you sit down
  • ●  How you adapt your sleep arrangements so that everyone gets the most kip
  • ●  How my daughter used to make this high humming sound whilst feeding, like she was in pure heaven
  • ●  How my husband (who was not sure at first) used to look on dotingly
  • ●  How nice it was to feed lying down, dozing in the warm summer days
  • ●  How I cherish the cuddles that now they’re growing up happen less
  • ●  How my son preferred feeding on one side to the other and how long it took to train us both out of it!
  • ●  How it was the only thing that would calm them instantly when they fell over and got hurt
  • ●  How I’ve made friends for life from my ‘breast friends’ group
  • ●  How I expressed every day and my husband gave it by bottle – until my daughter refused it the week before I went back to work
  • ●  How your friends learn to ignore the squeaking of your expressing pump while you talk on the phone!
  • ●  How my daughter and I had an early afternoon feed and snooze when I got back from work each morning
  • ●  How I got used to feeding in public and how no one ever commented
  • ●  How I discovered you can even feed whilst walking
  • ●  How my daughter used to pretend to breastfeed her dolly watching me feed her baby brother
  • ●  How I can’t remember the day they stopped feeding; it just happened over time

I’m sure everyone has their own special experiences – what are yours?  Do share them with us on our Facebook Page!


  1. Helen

    Great blog Emma. Bought back some happy memories. I only stopped feeding my 20 month old twins 3 months ago but i miss the intimacy of it already. Was the only time they were both ever still and i could cradle both in my arms at once (with the help of a HUGE feeding cushion!) Would recommend breastfeeding to everyone – as Emma says, sometimes it can be tricky at first but persevere and it gets easier, its a lovely way to bond with your babies.

    • Lucy

      Welcome to the team Emma – my top tip is good old Savoy cabbage leaves to help relieve the feeling of having two hot bursting melons down your top when your milk “comes in”. A great friend of mine had taken a lot of trouble choosing exactly the right size of cabbage for her particular “form ” and stored it in the fridge just before she went into labour only to find that her dad, who had kindly come up to lend a hand post birth, had a lovely meal on the hob waiting for her when she got home from hospital, was serving it up for her supper! 😉

      • Helen

        LOL Lucy! Did she tell him what they were supposed to be meant for?! 🙂 That’s very organized getting it in, in advance! I do think after giving birth you deserve something far more tasty to eat then cabbage though!

        Top tip for breastfeeding twins? When one wants to feed, feed them both and with a bit of luck they will fall into the same routine especially if similar weights and appetites as mine were. It is no fun finishing feeding one baby, drifting back off to sleep only for the other to wake you up!

        Oh, and invest in a special twin feeding cushion – expensive but with a good re-sale value on ebay – well worth it. Not sure i’d have managed without mine!

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