In the Organic Vegetable Garden

Why hello there! I’m Stephen and welcome to my world. By day E-Marketing Exec for Frugi and for the rest, Husband, Father and Organic Gardener extraordinaire, if such a word can be attached to a gardener!

Here at Frugi we are passionate about being Organic, can you tell? But this passion extends way beyond offering fab Clothing for Kids. Outside the office I like to participate in the dark art of growing vegetables the Organic way. Believe it or not it isn’t that dark after all! So come into the light and take in my monthly tips to a better Veg Plot.

Gardening the Organic way in June

Having just passed the longest day the growing season is progressing fast, hopefully you have signs of produce in your patch and perhaps are even enjoying the first of these delights, thank you very much salads! As they continue to grow to fruition it’s not a time to relax and watch things grow, oh no.

Keeping on top of the daily chores would be a good way to put it. Above all the age old battle of slug versus Organic Gardener must be addressed! Though there are some Organic pellets available I find nothing beats a good night time scrounge for the slimy ones. With torch in hand survey your plants for those taking a good old bite from your prize veg and remove them as suits, if you can’t bare destroying them make sure you drop them off far, far away. Tests have shown they can travel a fair distance to the food source!

Prevention is equally beneficial, keep grass cut and soil free of weeds to reduce their day time hiding places. If you aren’t after a monster specimen of a plant then I would suggest sowing generously to allow for the occasional loss and when possible keep back up plants but above all never give in to the slimy ones!

With the ease of mind that Gardeners No.1 enemy is under control don’t forget to water thirsty plants like cougettes and beans, yes I know that’s not an issue right now! If you have tomatoes keep pinching out the shoots that appear between the main stem and side branches. And keep an eye out for the signs of blight in your potatoes! Any leaves that are blacking or dying should be removed and binned to save the disease passing to the tubers, you can also spray Bordeaux mixture over the foliage which is approved for organic use.

If you have a tip or two do share your Organic knowledge on here or via Facebook. And with that I say happy gardening and see you in July!

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