Say hello to the Frugi e-catalogue

As delivery of the new Autumn/Winter catalogue is almost upon us we thought we would try something new and exciting this season. Whether you don’t normally request a catalogue or simply can’t wait for yours to drop on your doorstep why not try out a lovely new AW12 e-catalogue by visiting

If you’re using a desktop or laptop, turn the pages like a real book and click on any item to buy it straightaway. If you’re using an iPad or similar mobile device you can still view the catalogue and shop the old fashioned way at

Of course you can still request a catalogue if you really want to.

To get you started here’s a few useful tips on using the e-catalogue:

Be in control

1. At the bottom of the screen you will see a number of icons that will help you peruse through the pages.

Frugi e-catalogue icons

2. The first few icons from the left hand side allow you to flip through the pages, choose the first or last page or jump to a specific page (By clicking the box with numbers in and typing out a page number)

Navigate through the pages

3. If you like you can download the catalogue as a PDF for viewing offline (That’s from your computer)

Download the catalogue as a PDF

4. The whole catalogue is searchable so if you are looking for a particular product or colour click the spy glass icon and type a word to search for. Once done you will be presented with all the related pages, click on the page you are after.

Search the catalogue

5. Imagine seeing all the pages at once! Clicking the multi-square icon (Thumbnail Index) will display all the pages, then choose one that interests you.

View the catalogue as thumbnails

6. To get the best experience use your full screen to view the catalogue with the last icon in the row.

View the catalogue in fullscreen

Get interactive

There’s more to the catalogue than just flicking through the pages. Try interacting with the pages.

1. Instead of using the navigation icons you can flick through the pages with your mouse. Either click and release on the outer edge of any page to move to the next page or click and hold the mouse button on any edge and then move your mouse to slowly turn the page. Release to turn the page. Go on, have a go, it won’t bite!

Click and flick through the catalogue

2. Want to get a closer look at the photos or text? When moving your mouse cursor around the page you will sometimes see it change to a magnify glass. Click and the page will zoom in, click again to zoom back out.

Zoom in on a page

3. What if you find a product you really like? Well all the images are linked to our website so it’s simple to order clothing. When the cursor changes to the ‘Click to open this link’ icon a click of the mouse button will open that product page! Go through the normal process to add the product to the basket and either order or go back to the catalogue by closing the website page. (Don’t worry, any products added to your basket will be there next time you visit)

Click to go to a product page


So there you go, the new Frugi e-catalogue! Easy even fun to use and available now with not a tree in sight! So have a look now online and share with your friends and family.

Got a mobile device? You can still view the catalogue as static pages using the standard ‘swipe for next page’ interface. For the full experience view using a desktop computer.


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