Blackberry picking with Frugi style

Okay, so here’s the scene… It’s a Sunday afternoon, the weather is looking decidedly Autumnal and your 2 year old Daughter is getting figgity having spent all day inside. What do you do?

Down the lane, on the hunt for blackberries

Down the lane, on the hunt for blackberries

Well my gut instinct so late in the day wasn’t to ask my little one what she wanted to do, preferring the idea of sitting down with a fresh coffee and an episode of the WotWots (more about that later!). But putting on my Good Father hat I did so nevertheless, as that is what I am… most of the time! The response was a request to partake in the outdoor pursuit of blackberry picking.

Being a Sunday with nowhere to go Florrie wasn’t dressed so off we went to the bedroom to choose some clothes. Choice of sock was easy, birdies being her most frequent choice of late. As for leg garments, boy that sounds far too posh, seeing as the mizzle was rife jeans were my first choice but she had other ideas. No, it had to be Spotty Wots leggings, in real life more widely know as Frugi Fancy Leggings. If you aren’t familiar with the WotWots shame on you, find out more here, enjoyed by both Children and Adults in our household! Top went on without a hitch and all that was left to select was a suitably seasonable and rugged jumper, time to put on some Fatherly authority. So on with the Reversible Snuggle Fleece! Bare in mind these were blackberries we were going to pick, or more to the point Florrie was going to eat. So for those moments when you come across a friend and your little one is covered in berry juice it’s a quick lift, flip and refit and they are looking clean once more! (Not that I mind her getting dirty, it’s all part of the fun and easily washed out!)

So off we went, up the lane searching for blackberries with a two for me, one for the tub kind of scenario (Each berry devoured with an accompanying munch noise).

I shall make no apologies for kitting her out in almost a complete Frugi outfit, as in my eyes she looked as cute as ever and ready for anything, mizzle, blackberries or the occasional stumble and fall.

One last thing to mention, Florrie was wearing clothes from Frugi’s Spring/Summer Collection but they are all classics that have been given a new Autumn/Winter twist.

Happy Autumn Foraging!


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  1. Corinne

    I love these snuggle fleeces so much they are so cosy and warm have had them for daughter and son this winter. Love them so much that I was actually reduced to tears when my 15 months olds one got lost.

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