Bonkers for Conkers

Hi Guys

It’s World Conker day and we’re going Conkers Bonkers – oh yes we are!!

So, who’s old enough to remember the ‘Finger a Fudge’ conker advert?

No, me neither, but my wife Lucy has told me it’s brilliant and is a classic… so here it is.



Ahhhh, nostalgia – as we all know, it’s not what it used to be!

Can you remember all the cheats? Have you ever baked conkers in the oven to make them harder? What about soaking in Vinegar? Is there anything that really works, or is that just cheating?

It’s serious stuff – this from Wikipedia…

“The hardest conkers usually win. Hardening conkers is often done by keeping them for a year (aged conkers are called laggies in many areas or seasoners in Ireland and Liverpool), baking them briefly, soaking or boiling in vinegar, or painting with clear nail varnish. Such hardening is, however, usually regarded as cheating. At the British Junior Conkers Championships  in October 2005, contestants were banned from bringing their own conkers due to fears that they might harden them. The Campaign For Real Conkers claimed this was an example of over-regulation which was causing a drop in interest in the game. In the World Conker Championship contestants are also restricted to using the conkers provided.”

Anyway, in thinking about world conker day, I came across people talking about conkers repelling spiders?

Well, supposedly they do!

This experiment, in a Cornish school, has attempted to quantify their spider-repelling attributes.


How cool is that? What a teacher – brilliant!

So, grab your conkers and bang ’em together. Conkers are cool and you can grow a horse-chestnut tree from them too!

Cheers for now








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