Thoughts from a Crusader

What you think of our clothes really matter, naturally. From the designs and fabrics to our Ethics and marketing methods. Each and every one of our customers have a role to play in making Frugi Clothing what it is!

Ira and Mother Melanie by the swan lake

Ira sporting a Frugi Reversible Snuggle Fleece and Giraffe In A Scarf Cord Roll Ups

For just this reason we set up our Crusaders. A select few who help us on the journey from conception to production, and beyond, by giving us their opinions when we really need them. Amongst these crusaders are number of celebrities who as parents add their own comments and suggestions along the way.

Occasionally we like to share these opinions. Recently we received a wonderful email from Melanie Gabriel. Melanie is the daughter of famed musician Peter Gabriel. For the younger readers he’s one time singer of super group Genesis turned celebrated soloist but perhaps more importantly the driving force behind WOMAD and supporter of various humanitarian causes. Melanie is the proud mother of Ira who is almost 11 months old and musician in her own right and we are pleased to have her as a crusader! Recently Ira was given a Reversible Snuggle Fleece and Giraffe In A Scarf Cord Roll Ups.

So enough said by us, here’s what Melanie had to say…

“The fabric is gorgeous, it’s so soft and they are very colourful, He had a huge smile when I showed him giraffe in a scarf! 

I love how they can be worn for longer amounts of time, its a lot less wasteful.  

The cord roll ups are a great combination of comfy and very practical , even though they are soft you can tell they are hard wearing. Unlike other children’s trousers you can get them on and off far more easily. 

The reversible snuggle fleece is fab, I can see why it’s called snuggle! If there was one big enough I’d snuggle into it myself, I’ve never come across such a soft fleece. 

I’ve been showing them off to friends and can’t help but compliment them, I will certainly continue to spread the word!”


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