The Story Behind the Fluffy Behind: Our New Frugi Cloth Nappy

We’ve got our own range of nappies! Here we are nearly 10 years old, and still into them! Well, specifically washable nappies – or diapers if you prefer.  They are so soft, colourful, and eco-friendly. Cloth nappies are very, very Frugi. Without them there would be no ‘us’ – but more about that later.

What we’ve done is teamed up with the lovely guys from TotsBots. They make the most fabulous award winning nappies on the planet, and they just so happen to have had a hand in the birth of Frugi as well. You see way back in 2003, Lucy (our co-founder) had a baby boy. Being an environmentally friendly kind of mum, she made the very friendly decision to use washable nappies. This saved a great deal of landfill from the conscience-pricking problem of her son’s ‘disposables’ filling it up. But there was a little problem: Son #1 was on the 99.9 percentile for baby size. Couple this with a big  old-school cloth nappy and no clothes would fit over. Hummm…what to do?

Well – have an epiphany, re-mortgage the house, give up a well- paid professional career, and cash in all savings. Then start a clothing company called ‘cut4cloth’ making organic cotton clothes that would fit over cloth nappies, without any prior knowledge of clothing design or manufacture, that’s what! Phew… go for it!

But how did TotsBots have a hand in our creation? Well, one of Lucy’s inspirational moments came from reading an article about the story of how TotsBots was born; a story of following a dream to make the world a better place.Lucy and Fiona from TotsBots eventually met, and over the years have become friends and confidantes. Over a cup of coffee in Lucy’s kitchen during the autumn of 2012, a plan was hatched between the two of them for a collaboration.

Frugi Easyfit V3 Cloth Nappy in Rainbow Spot design

Frugi Easyfit V3 Cloth Nappy in Rainbow Spot design

So here we are in 2013. In 2008 we changed our name to Frugi to better reflect expanding age range, but we are still ever so in love with cloth nappies and all the benefits they have, not only for the planet but also for their soft touch against babies’ delicate skin. We have always kept our baby clothes ‘cut4cloth’ (although washable nappies are nowhere near as bulky as they were).In order to make our new nappies the best they could be, we realised we were going to have to move away from cotton and use polyester.  You see, cotton nappies are great but when you dry them on the line or over a radiator they become incredibly crunchy and hard, which isn’t the best against babies’ skin.  Of course they soften up if you put them in a tumble drier, but that’s a lot of energy and cost being used up which isn’t great for the planet or your pocket.So we’ve used the best polyester based fabrics which actually work far better for several other reasons as well.  Our nappies absorb better and hold much more than cotton, and so are far less big and bulky  (phew!). The outside fabric and core surround also cleverly repel liquid, keeping wetness in the core. They also dry far quicker than cotton so they don’t need tumble drying   – super important for the environment.Oh, and whilst we’re on the washing bit –washing is the main cause of garments wearing out, and as nappies get washed a lot,  we chose a material that can withstand a lot of washing.

And finally… environmentally it is much easier to reprocess garments once they reach the end of their useful life if they are made from a single fibre type (which they are!).

In a nutshell, we have worked hard to create what we think it the perfect nappy! The Frugi Easyfit V3 nappy shows the world that great design and environmental principles can go hand in hand. By teaming up with TotsBots, we have built upon their technical brilliance with our designer flair, to bring the ultimate nappy to our clever customers

We are sure that you will love them as much as we do, and we all look forward to your comments, suggestions and feedback.

Buy now from the Frugi website! 


Best wishes from everyone at team Frugi xxx



  1. Helen

    Bought all 4 designs and I love them. Twins look great in them. Hope you will bring out some more designs (and quickly before my 2 are potty trained!) 🙂

  2. Ronnie

    Congratulations on your new nappies, they really look good! It’s almost a shame that our thirdborn has all the nappies he needs. He’s wearing both nappies and Frugi clothes handed down from his brothers.

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