Bonjour to our shores!

Look what I found!

Look what I found!











Bonjour to our shores!


Cornwall Wildlife Trust are saying “Bonjour” to our partners across the water in France as part of an exciting new EU Interreg funded project called PANACHE , which stands for Protected Area Network Across the Channel Ecosystem. Our role will be to share information and expertise across the Channel in engaging local communities in the conservation of their marine environment.


Teams of experienced volunteer shore surveyors and a team of volunteer divers are being mobilised and trained to carry out detailed marine surveys to find out what lives around our shores. We will also be running a series of exciting public events within some of the most spectacular rockpooling sites along Cornwall’s south coast.


For a taste of what to expect at one of our marine events here are a few facts about rockpool creatures that are easy to find on Cornish shores. Even common animals that we see every time we go down to the beach have incredible stories to tell.


Did you know?

  • Limpets always return to the same place every time the tide falls – eventually a home scar is cut into the rock by generations of limpets living on the same spot!
  • Crabs breathe through their armpits!
  • Shannies – the most common rockpool fish that can breath through their skin – this is why you often find them hiding under stones on the shore totally out of water!
  • Dog whelks are predatory snails that drill through the shells of mussels and even limpets using a special drill-like rasping tongue!
  • Starfish squirt out their stomachs and digest their food outside their bodies.


Exploring the shore is great fun, once you take a closer look you realise just how diverse and inspiring our local marine wildlife can be. One of the best ways to learn is to come along to one of our events or even become a volunteer and benefit from the fantastic training that our marine conservation groups can offer. Everyone is welcome to be a part of it!


For more information about Cornwall Wildlife Trust events and PANACHE activities near you, please visit

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