We love hedgehogs!

Here at Frugi we love animals especially our prickly little friends! Due to this lovely hot weather we are having here in the UK our hedgehogs are in need of a little light refreshment! Why not make them a Hedgehog restaurant serving meaty catfood and water to drink? They also love a side serving of mealworms!

hedgehog restaurant

hedgehog restaurant

Helene made this shelter from an old wooden wine crate turned upside down; make sure you have an entrance and an exit (Hedgehogs can get a little feisty over the dinner table so this gives one a chance to scarper!) The entrance/exit should be around 4-5 inches square. Put newspaper on the floor inside or use an old tray that can be wiped; hedgehogs are very messy eaters! Place the water on the floor outside.

Place something heavy on top so it doesn’t blow over.

If you watch carefully and quietly you may see your visitors enjoying their dinner! Or you may just see the mess they leave behind…which is also great! 🙂

You can tell if hedgehogs have been from their poop; see image!hog poop


Don’t forget hedgehogs are now an endangered species; so if you have them in your garden you are very lucky!

Hedgehogs are insectivores with over 70% of their natural diet being insects and beetles, some worms and a very tiny amount of slugs and snails…yum!

**Do not give them bread and milk**. They cannot digest the bread and cows milk gives hedgehogs very bad diarrhoea. Many hedgehogs die because of this wrong diet.

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