Rockpool Rambling!


Frugi go rockpool rambling with Cornwall Wildlife Trust

As some of you know, we support several charities through the 1% for the Planet scheme. Not only does this mean that together (yes that includes you, our customers!) we are helping to support the environment, it also means that occasionally we get out of the office with some Frugi fans to find out what these charities do, and interact with the wildlife they support!

Last week, with our buckets and nets at the ready we joined marine conservationist Ruth Williams and Cornwall Wildlife Trust for a fantastic rockpool ramble at one of their conservation areas, Prisk Cove.

Being lucky enough to live in Cornwall we’re surrounded by a whole host of amazing marine life, but it’s not until you really have the time to stop and look that you find out what interesting creatures you can find lurking in rockpools!

So we began our rockpooling experience, and after wobbling across the closer rockpools (paying particular attention to not dropping the camera!) we got closer to the shoreline and started to have a peek around the rockpools.  A whole range of marine life literally popped up all over the place- cue a lot of excited children and some equally excited adults! Ruth talked us through some of our finds from bodybuilder crabs to
Cornish suckerfish, spiney starfish to squat lobsters it was hard not to be fascinated by the world of the rockpool. Did you know that a starfish can regenerate their arms if they lose them? Or that you can tell the gender of a crab by the shape of the plate on it’s underneath?

This year, by buying Frugi products, you have helped to raise over £10,000 for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust as part of our 1% For the Planet Scheme. This scheme sees us donate 1% of our annual turnover to three fantastic charities- The Cornwall Wildlife Trust, The Woodland Trust and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust- totalling over £30,000 this year!

Thank you to Ruth Williams and the rest of Cornwall Wildlife Trust for letting us come along to such a brilliant event, and to those of you that joined in the fun- roll on the next one!


One of the beautiful Starfish we found!





  1. Paula

    I think its just brilliant that…

    ‘This scheme sees us donate 1% of our annual turnover to three fantasticrnish suckerfish…’

    Lucky Fish!

    (small typo perhaps ;D)

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