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Have you seen our great new Totsbots V4 nappy range?? We have four fab new limited edition Frugi prints for you;  Beautiful birdies, spring chickens, tractors & transport and summer sea life!  As well as all the usual fab features you would expect from a TotsBots nappy the award winning V4  comes with a super absorbent bamboo interior!

Easyfit V4 Frugi Nappy

Frugi Easyfit V4 Spring Nappy

If you are new to using cloth nappies we know that washing them can be a bit daunting!
One of our fab crusaders Bethan, has kindly offered some brilliant advice on how to wash and look after your TotsBots Easyfit’s…

Through utter ignorance, it appears I trashed a set of Easyfit’s about 3years ago. I pushed on with them leaking left and right until last year when whilst figuring out cloth for nights, I found that not all cloth nappies leaked. I decided Easy Fits must not work for my little ones, and sold them on, restocking with a variety of ‘fitteds’.

I’m now a lot more informed. Hindsight is wonderful thing hey? It was nothing to do with the shape or size of my babies’ bums, or how heavily they wee’d. I had been washing them with a liquid eco detergent and they were probably riddled with detergent residue. I’d also been putting drops of lavender / tea-tree oil onto a cloth-wipe in the pail.

I will tell you what I didn’t know, but now do.

Detergent residue most often occurs with liquid detergents and it means the absorbing fiber’s of the nappy have become coated with oils / softeners that are not easily rinsed away in the washer. The nappy stops absorbing, and also, the outer starts wicking! The problem occurs more frequently with these clever manmade fabrics. Then follows leaks and wet clothes. Fix this problem with a strip wash.

Step 1. Rinse your clean nappies thoroughly by putting them though a couple of 60 degree full wash cycles (the big cotton one, not a half load setting).

Step 2. After this big rinse session, tumble dry until dry and then an extra 15 minutes. This stops the wicking business and makes the outer water repellency repellent again.

Note: for REALLY bad residue, hand washing the nappies with a jot of washing up liquid and then the big rinse session might be required (then the tumbling as above too).

Help prevent these problems by loving your nappies:

  • Only use powdered non-bio detergent
  • Use the correct dose
  • Wash at 60 degrees max
  • Rinse thoroughly after every wash
  • Strip wash Easy Fits routinely every 3 months or more often if you need to

Don’t use; powders with optical brighteners, Ecoballs or Soapnuts, fabric conditioners or any oils (remember what I had been doing to make my pail smell better? Doh!) harsh stain removers (sunshine fixes stains!), sodium bicarb / vinegar as a softener.

I’ve actually started using half the recommended dose of detergent as I was continually alarmed at the amount of bubbles in my machine.
Oh, and look after your machine; a 90 degree monthly empty wash will help keep it clear of residue. There are also eco and not-so-eco machine cleaners.

When clean of detergent, freshly ‘stripped’, my new, second set of Easy Fits can go for a good 6 hours or so when needed.

How long do yours last? Do they need a strip?



  1. Michelle Wood

    Thank you for sharing this post; and to Bethan for her lovely advice on best ways to care for these lovely reusable nappies. I was enquiring about these just this morning and after receiving some great advice from some very lovely ladies, the ever so wonderful team at Frugi and this post, I have decided to go ahead with my intentions of stocking the Frugi Easyfit V4 nappies….thanks guys. Michelle x

  2. FIona

    I’ve never had a problem with any of the version of easy fit nappies. I’ve always used non bio liquid and only a tiny amount (teaspoon full). These nappies make up the majority of my stash and would highly recommend them to anyone as they are one of the fastest drying nappies on the market and of course they have the most gorgeous prints! Only wish I could afford to buy all the pretty designs 🙂

  3. Nicola Nsubuga

    Thanks for the advice. I clean mine using an eco-egg. Is that ok? Before purchasing the eco-egg I asked if it was ok to clean cloth nappies with and they said yes. Do I need to switch to detergent instead?


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