Create your own Frugi character masks!

Hip Hip Hooray!
It’s our 10th Birthday and we’re getting ready to PARTY!

Amongst the miles of bunting and giant pom-poms we thought we’d try our hand at making some party masks out of some fun Frugi characters.

Of course once we had done our Blue Peter, ‘here are 3 we made earlier’ moment, we couldn’t wait to try them out! What do you think of our creations modelled below?! We liked them so much we didn’t want to take them off!

Fun Frugi character masks

Fun Frugi character masks

If you and your little ones want to try your hand at making these masks then just follow these 5 easy steps for all fun and games!

  1. Download the images linked below and print them off
  2. Stick your chosen image to some card
  3. Safely cut out around the image
  4. Attach some string on either side of the mask to fit around your head
  5. Put on the mask and have some fabulous Frugi fun!


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  1. Esther Groh

    I really love that Frugi spirit. So different from what you normally get at companies. My colleague and I once almost got fired for having some fun on a train home when our boss was present. Our offence? We chose to speak in French acents on a train ride on the way home from an important customer presentation. How I wish there was more Frugi spirit and less “you must be always serious to do serious work”. As everyone can see Frugi do lots of serious work obviously havin the greatest fun on earth. (Unless this is all due to an awesome PR department and in reality your HQ is full f unhappy slaves …).

    • Cesca

      Thanks Esther! Indeed we do like to have fun whilst we work. It’s what creates a happy hard working environment. 🙂

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