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All ready for big school

All ready for big school













The inspiration to start a clothing company begins ‘big school’ today.

Without knowing it he has changed many, many lives.

Farmers, manufacturers, charities, an orphanage, Frugi staff / customers … the list goes on.

Good luck Tom, and good luck to all the children ‘going up’ this year.



Read more about the Frugi story by clicking HERE


  1. Mo Ade

    Wow! How inspirational! It’s incredible, isn’t it, when you consider the chain reaction and benefit inspired by an idea, which in turn was inspired by one of a person’s milestones.

    Congratulations Tom, what a chain reaction you started. I’ve benefited it too; i’m one of those from the 10 breastfeeding groups that is testing out Frugi’s breastfeeding new collection. I feel so honoured to be part of the journey of such a lovely brand. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Go Frugi, go Tom! All the very best in this new academic year.

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