Jeni, her over bump preference and wild accessories!

Jeni is the Head of Design here at Frugi and it’s her last few days in the office before she starts maternity leave, so I’ve grabbed her for a quick chat in between handover meetings, sign offs and  midwife appointments to find out her thoughts on maternity attire…

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“I can’t bear the ‘busting-out’ look of buttons under pressure.”




What has been your best maternity buy and why?

For these last few weeks I have invested in a plain stretchy jersey maxi dress that shows off my bump. To trick Frugi colleagues in to thinking I’m not wearing the same dress EVERYDAY I just team it with a different cardigan or jacket and a statement necklace or earrings. As I can no longer pick what I like from my non-maternity wardrobe I am making the most of being able to go wild with my accessories.

I am also very grateful for being pregnant this time of year as I have been able to wear flip flops and sandals throughout. I’m not sure what shoes I would have fitted in if I was pregnant through the winter months… That would have been tricky!

How have you felt about your changing body?

I have really enjoyed having a big round bump. Having never had a flat stomach anyway it has been great to celebrate being even bigger than normal!! Surprisingly I have really enjoyed tighter maternity clothing that almost accentuates and shows off my bump rather than hides it.

What maternity shapes have you liked the best? Tight vests, long smock tops, shirt dresses, leggings, under or over bump bottoms etc?

Definitely ‘over the bump’ with any trousers or leggings! It just feels a lot more cosy and protected. Definitely no shirt dresses or anything with a button down front as I can’t bear the ‘busting-out’ look of buttons under pressure. Lots of tight stretchy things generally but the tight stretchy dress has been my all-time favourite so far as you have no waistband to irritate.

With regards to your wardrobe, what are you really looking forward to getting back into and if you are planning to breastfeed which Frugi Mother item are you looking forward to road testing?!

I am really looking forward to trying out all our breastfeeding range and seeing for myself how our designs work and if there are any nifty tricks we can do to make them even better. I am particularly excited about some of the SS15 styles we have in the pipeline! I can’t wait to get back into my normal skinny jeans rather than the stretchy maternity ones I have been wearing. I have really missed wearing a belt with my jeans as well. I have constantly felt like I needed a pair of braces with my maternity jeans as they always start to work their way down as you move throughout the day and it drives me crazy.

Have you purchased any exciting nighty/gown/Pj combos for the birth?

Yes, my lovely Mum has treated me to a soft lightweight cotton nightie and robe combo which I hope survives the labour… Eek!

Is your hospital bag packed? Any favourite bits?

Mine and baby’s bag are packed and in the car, along with the car seat. The birthing pool I hope to deliver the baby in is only ½ mile from Frugi HQ so could almost take myself there straight from work! Haha! I am most excited about the nifty back pack I have bought to also use as my changing bag once baby is here. I can hang it off the handle of the pram or wear it on my back when we are out with the carrier… and its yellow!! J

 Have you planned baby’s first outfit?

It is Frugi of course! I think I’m almost certainly decided on our buzzy bee baby gown. Simple, understated, soft, safe, useful and beautiful! I also have a lovely cotton hat that I bought for my 7 year old nephew when he was first born so it will get to be the first hat of another little babe in our family.


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  1. Mo Ade

    Really lovely post. Maternity wear isn’t the easiest to decide on. Mine mainly consisted of kaftan type dresses. All the very best Jeni, have a lovely time on your maternity leave and i’m sure your colleagues look forward to having you back. Enjoy Frugi’s breastfeeding outfits, they are so fab, aren’t they? I wish you a speedy labour, a lovely birth, an amazing breastfeeding experience and a fab maternity leave. 🙂

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