Andy’s bad day that had an astonishing end!

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Andy from The Woodland Trust has been kind enough to write a blog for us, check it out here… Woodland Trust

I have a day etched in my memory that was just one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. Very minor things in the grand scheme of life but enough to be a niggle.

Yes, we all have these sort of days I know but it doesn’t make them any easier (please bear with me this isn’t a long moan, there is a positive end to this story).

Firstly, I got up and realised I had left a cupboard door open and my puppy had helped itself to half a pack of cornflakes which had dispersed across the kitchen floor. No wonder his little stomach looked bloated. He looked at me as if to try and deny it but his crime was given away by the orange little crumbs plastered on his little muzzle. How could I not forgive him with that doe eyed look though?

The niggles were going to keep coming this day though – banging my head on the door, tripping over a computer cable, arriving at a petrol garage only to find there was no petrol left, losing my wallet – and finally to top it all off and put the icing on the cake – breaking down on a very busy A road when my clutch went on my car.
Realising my phone battery had gone I knew I would have to walk the six miles to my sister’s house to use her phone – how embarrassing.

But, as I said earlier there is a reason for this story of this negative day as it was in those six miles back to my sister’s house that in affect changed my life, as cheesy as that may sound.
I knew the area and footpaths well from childhood yet had not visited this particular area for decades. There used to be a mucky track alongside a river that went through a wood which led from my school to home. At the time I thought nothing of the wood because the trees seemed to be dying and there always seemed to be some sort of rubbish scattered about. I was only young at the time so used to sprint as fast as I could through the wood with my friends. It was certainly not a place to stay and relax, more of an easy route home.

This day (the broken down day), the six miles consisted of a road, a footpath, then the wood, before descending into town to my sister’s.
I got to the edge of the wood feeling mighty sorry for myself and down in the dumps. My first impression though, which lifted my spirits a little, was that things had changed – certainly the wood had seen an expansion and certainly there was an explosion of new trees and bird life. On this autumnal day, even in the most rubbish of moods it seemed very beautiful.
I could feel my tension from the day melting away. It was much different from the woodland I knew as a kid – a sign outside it symbolized that a local school had planted some trees on its perimeter and in fact a local community and town council were working with the Woodland Trust to manage the wood. It was noticeable that rather than a dumping ground it had turned into a place for quiet recreation and I was actually pretty astonished.

A little time on from that bad day (I got through the wood and back to my sister’s who helped me rescue the car by the way), I am now sitting writing this blog representing the Woodland Trust. I now know the wood as Crossley Park Wood, near Wetherby in West Yorkshire.
The Trust works to protect ancient woodland in the UK, such as that wood from my childhood. It also looks to restore woodland to former glories. It does this through the amazing help from supporters, fundraisers and indeed corporate partners. Frugi’s support has helped the trust to plant hundreds of trees so that perhaps a child these days can be left with a different impression of the wood than I did as a youngster.

Yes indeed it is funny how life works but I don’t know many places to go that compare to woods in terms of de-stressing you – and the Woodland Trust’s woods are all free to visit and make an excellent place to go for families – particularly with the beautiful autumn season around the corner. So, my message is go and find your local wood (you don’t have to be a stressed as I was) – you never know what magic you may find.
Find your local wood at:


Woodland Trust

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