Frugi bump 2- Sarah, on loving her bump, irrational meltdowns & honeymoon excitement!

This is Sarah’s first pregnancy so everything is completely new and exciting.  There is a lot of information floating around the internet about what to expect from pregnancy… some of it good, some of it pretty darn scary! We catch up with Sarah to see how she is handling her first baby bump and if her experience is what she expected….

Sarah shotWhat were your first pregnancy symptoms? Did you guess you were pregnant straight away?
Probably the usual, feeling a bit tired and queasy… however we were on our honeymoon when we realised we might be pregnant, so it could have been down to too much sun and being exhausted from the wedding! The shop on the resort didn’t sell pregnancy tests so we couldn’t find out officially for another week, but I had strong gut feeling.

How has continuing to work through your pregnancy felt?
I spent a lot of the summer travelling around Europe seeing customers and doing tradeshows, which by the end of it I was pretty exhausted, but it was during my 2nd trimester when I actually felt quite energetic which was lucky!  The past few weeks I’ve started to struggle… why is everything so hard in the mornings? No one warned me that it would actually be physically painful to get out of the bed in the morning and such hard work to walk up and down the stairs!


What have you found the best about being pregnant?
My bump!!  I read a lot of articles about how enormous and fat I’d feel and how some people get really body conscious and can’t wait to get through the pregnancy and back into their skinny jeans. However I am completely in love with my bump! I’ve never been a size 8, or 10 for that matter, and am normally quite self conscious about my body, however I’m happy to parade the bump around in more fitted clothes rather then hiding it away- I really didn’t expect to feel like that!

How are you finding the emotions? Have you made any emotional outbursts?
Well… this is probably the one part of pregnancy that I really was not prepared for! I read a lot that you get mood swings and are a bit more tearful… but wowsers! My poor husband! He found me last week in a hysterical state sobbing in a heap on the floor because I felt really guilty that I’d told off the cat! Before that I had a completely irrational meltdown because hubby took some washing out of the machine before I was ready for the next lot to go in! I’d like to think I’ve not been that bad at work….  But I do think I’ve been a bit stroppy- sorry Frugi peeps!!

How have you felt overall, compared to how you expected to feel?
I expected to feel exhausted, fat and sick with piles and terrible skin…. In actual fact I’ve felt pretty great! I got away quite lightly with the morning sickness and have felt quite energetic throughout.   I do have really bad hips/ back  which is a bit of a struggle and my feet did swell up pretty badly over the summer (luckily I had an amazing colleague on hand at a tradeshow who rubbed my feet for me!) I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes but I don’t think I’ve suffered with any side affects.  I am starting to get quite tired now though, but I only have 5 weeks to go so figure that is allowed!

What have you found the best source for pregnancy information?

The amount of information online, in magazines and books is completely overwhelming, so you can’t believe or understand everything!  I’ve felt pretty petrified as a first time mum that I’m not going to know enough! I’m lucky that I’ve got a lot of people around me who have recently had babies or are currently expecting so I’ve been asking them a million questions a day- definitely the best resource for me!



Sarah and her husband decorating the nursery!




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