SpoOky ideas for a frightful HallOween!

It’s that time of year to put your ghoulishly good pumpkin carving skills to the test, stock up on flying potion and dust off your broom stick… It’s Halloween! AW14 Halloween Laura Brief-03

Just incase you are stuck for new idea’s to keep your little witches and wizards busy at this spooky time of year we have asked a friend of Frugi, Mrs Sparkles, to share her top 10 favourites:

  1. Check out Frugi’s special pumpkin carving templates CLICK HERE
  2. If your little ones are too young for pumpkin carving how about drawing spooky faces on big juicy oranges, white board markers are great as you can wipe the orange and start again to prevent little tears if the design doesn’t go to plan! Once you are finished you can eat them up!
  3. How about making your own ‘Pumpkin’? Simply make a paper mache pumpkin using old news papers and glue and painting it orange or use orange tissue paper. Cover a balloon in the paper and glue and pop when its dried out. Then your little one can cut out or paint on a spooky face or try our or of our templates above.  This also works really well if you paint the paper mache balloon green and decorate with lots of things from the recycling bin like bottle tops and foil to make monsters heads!
  4. If you do carve a real pumpkin and fancy a change from using the leftovers to make pumpkin soup how about ‘Mrs Sparkles Pumpkin Pancakes’. For the full recipe CLICK HERE I make these all year round to get my little boy to eat some extra veggies…
  1. Spiders webs! These are so easy and so much fun. Take a bin bag and draw on a spiders web in PVA glue then cover with glitter! Once its dry you can peel it off and stick it on the window (some times you might need a little blue tack) You can make lots of different sizes and they look great when they sparkle in the evening.
  2. Go batty! Take one of Dad’s old black odd socks and instead of throwing it away, stuff it with newspaper to make the bat’s body, tie it up and cut off any extra sock. Cut out two wings (use the bat wings from our pumpkin carving templates) and stick to the sock. Decorate the bats face and then hang from the ceiling with elastic.  The more you make the better but leave enough socks for Dad to wear!
  3. How about a spooky street scene for your window to enchant little Trick or Treaters? If your house is like ours we have lots of Tetrapak cartons from juice, soup or milk and this a great way to reuse them. All you need to do is wash them out and then your little pumpkin can cover with black paper. Then add little yellow rectangles for the windows, they can then get creative by drawing on cobwebs, spiders or ghosts in a silver pen.  Finally stick all the cartons together side by side and create a street scene to pop in your window.
  4. Print off our enchanting Frugi spider paper chains CLICK HERE. Just cut out and glue… sometimes the old fashioned ones are the best! You can make as many of these as you like to hang all over the house.  You can also find creepy Frugi spider on our bewitchingly lovely applique top!
  5. When its raining outside what could be better then snuggling up and writing spooky story? Instead of writing it all on their own why not ask each little witch or wizard to write a sentence then pass it on to the next person to write the next sentence and so on! You will end up with a creepily creative tale.
  6. Finally if its lovely and dry outside don’t forget that the National Trust have lots of fun this do this Halloween… if you dare to try them!

Hope you like these idea’s!

We would love to hear your idea’s too, just post them on our Facebook page

Happy Halloween!

Love from Mrs Sparkles (& my NCT pumpkins!)




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