Gift of Giving, Frugi’s review project.

The Frugi #Giftofgiving project involved our ten #Frugifamily members (regular bloggers) each sending a gift to a blogging friend. There was a reveal on 29th October, when everyone opened their gifts, and now many of the bloggers have also been able to post their full reviews.

The bloggers have done everything from video reveals to photos and lovely blog posts, explaining the project and reviewing their items. Here is a selection of some of the best pieces of coverage so far, we thought you might be interested to read how they got on too ;0) Links to clothing and the blogs are pasted below.


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Tobygoesbananas – Bobby Top, Reindeer, Tomato Stripe

Innocentcharmschats – Rainbow Owl Top

Charliemoos – Twirly Bow Dress, Christmas Fawn

Shutterflies – Twirly Bow Dress, Polka Heart

Themummingtonpost – Poppy PJ’s

Lovinglifewithlittleones – Twirly Bow Dress, Christmas Fawn


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the reviews. We love to hear your feedback, so if you have anything to tell Frugi, the good the bad or the ugly, please do so by commenting below.

Thank you


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  1. Joanne

    Thank you so much for including us! Olive adores her Christmas Fawn Dress!

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