10 reasons why being pregnant at Christmas rocks!!

Christmas Emily-01

All dressed up ready for the Frugi Christmas party last week ;0)

Bringing up the rear, I’m the third of the three Frugi bumps you’ve been hearing about over the past few weeks to go off on maternity leave soon… it’s made me think about the weeks ahead and what kind of time I’ll have over the festive season, without so much partying and merriment this year .. I’ve realised there are quite a few positives so I thought I’d share them with you!

Pregnant ladies you can…

  • Sit back and let someone else take over for a change, you have a great excuse this year
  • Shop more… you can shop earlier, being prepared will help towards a stress free Christmas.. if bump is due soon!
  • Eat whatever you want, without judgement
  • Expect to hear ‘you look gorgeous’, no matter what ;0)
  • Win points by being the designated taxi driver and save up them up for when it suits you later.
  • Ward off the winter chill, as your bump is keeping you warm
  • Indulge in some lie-ins (recharge batteries for those later evenings) with family and partners on holiday for the festive season let them take over in the mornings.
  • Feel happy that seats are generally available for pregnant women on public transport, at parties or festive concerts and plays!
  • Know that glossy hair and glowing skin will be standard (hopefully)
  • Have no hangovers… whoop!


I hope you have fun this festive season whatever you are up to!

Emily xx


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  1. Maya Mcintosh

    This is sweet! I never had the privilege of being beautifully pregnant during the holidays. You look amazing!

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