Get your whirligigs out!

We want your Frugi clothes to last and last and last, so after your little ones have outgrown them (sob sob) they have plenty of life left in them for siblings, your lucky friends or to sell on that well-known auction site so you can buy even more Frugi! We just thought we’d have a quick chat about the benefits of line drying instead of using the tumble dryer. Frugi on a washing line So here are a few reasons to get the whirligig out and ditch Mr Tumble!

    • It’s cheaper!- Fresh air is freeeee so those ridiculous electricity bills will go down.
    • It’s loads better for the environment
    • It’s great exercise! Squat, reach, lift, squat… ladies; remember your pelvic floor exercises (oh you’re doing them right now? Good!)
    • Get the kids involved- children make great peg passers and sock matchers!
    • Your clothes will last much longer, tumble drying weakens the fabric fibres making your clothes wear out faster, line drying is much gentler on your favourite Frugi gear.
    • Your clothes will smell of happiness and daisies…unless the farmers are muck spreading or the neighbours are having a BBQ.
    • You won’t shrink your favourite Frugi tee too much… by putting the setting to High by mistake! Oops!

If you really don’t like the crunchy feeling of line dried clothes, after you’ve taken them off the line just pop them in the dryer on medium for 5 mins , that way they’ll be all soft and snuggly. This works particularly well for crunchy bath towels- unless you want a full body exfoliation.

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