School Reports!

An old Frugi friend, mum of nine Kerry, loves to put pen to paper and here is one of her latest little poems, we loved it and thought you might like it too.



The summer holidays await

It is the end of term

Reports written to summarise

Explain what children learn


A busy house of chaos here

Reports now total six

Excelling, plodding darlings

We’ve created such a mix


I read remarks that make me smile

They fill me with elation

Others that fill me with fear

For future education!


Mathematics genius on my hands

But I must also mention:

We’ve late marks documented

And we’ve more than one detention!


Apparently, my middle children

Shine with their PE

( I read, shoving digestives down

They’re really not like me!)


Writing is my thing, you see

I do it every night

Un yet, I have this Darling son

Point blank, refuse to write!


For primary school, its simple:

Stars. Score one to three

But low numbers are what you want

Once they’re at secondary!


Attainment and behaviour points

SAT’s and GCSE’s

(To understand the jargon

You need an English degree!)


I’ve counted stars, and numbers too

My lively gang of nine

Whatever numbers, stars they score

To me, they’ll always shine


Enthusiastic, daydreaming

Unique, there is no doubt

Nine stubborn individuals

I wouldn’t be without



Kerry Vincent July 2015




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  1. emma davies

    I am a poet my self tooand i havea disability too. Ive also got diabeties type 2 and have found this very comforting. My dream is to get them published but not yet. emma

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