Welcome back Jeni!

Frugi’s Head designer Jeni has just returned to work after being off on maternity leave for 9 months, we grabbed five minutes with her for a chat about juggling work, babies and being a Frugi mum to gorgeous little Nina Frugi 🙂   jeni and family

How are you finding it being back in the working world?

It’s lovely to be back with the team. I’ve really missed everyone.
I am especially enjoying quiet cups of tea and being able to wear necklaces and dangly earrings without anyone grabbing them! So far I’m enjoying the mix of work and family life and feel lucky that my work relates to Nina and she can be part of my daily inspiration.

Any challenges you weren’t expecting?

I really miss the closeness with Nina. She often has naps in her carrier on my back so I really miss that on my days at work. I have to get my fix when I get home and have extra big snuggles. I’ve found myself leaping out of bed with joy when she wakes in the night as it means she can come in with us for a cuddle.

What are you doing about childcare while you’re at work?

Mum has been down to stay for three weeks helping us with the first stint of me being back at work. I was apprehensive to go back to work and start nursery all at the same time.
It has been great to have mum around and it’s definitely taken the edge off things and helped me really focus on having a good start back at work. Nina is going to be at nursery for a couple of days a week and then have a day with her Dad. I feel comfortable with the mix of nursery and parental care and am really pleased that me and my husband can both have one on one time with her. Those days are very special for us all.

Do you think that your designing has changed or been influenced by Nina?

I think it’s inevitable when working on the baby range that I am going to have my professional view and my own personal view as a mum. I definitely have another angle on things now that I can relate practically as to how products are used and what things are useful.
I love being able to try products out and see things from a customer’s eyes. This is really going to help me with ideas to improve and innovate our products.
I LOVE being a Frugi customer as well as an employee! 🙂


Thanks Jen! Great to have you back! X

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