Protect our marine life with Frugi

Bottlenose dolphin surfing photo by George Karbus

Here’s our monthly snipped from Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Conservation team whom we support through 1% For The Planet.
Remember, everytime you buy Frugi goodies, more donations go towards marine life and keeping sealife such as these beautiful dolphins on our coast!


Save our dolphins!


Cornwall Wildlife Trust has launched an urgent appeal to save Cornwall’s much-loved resident group of bottlenose dolphins from extinction – their numbers have halved since the 1990s to worryingly low levels. The Bottlenose Dolphin Appeal is raising funds so the Trust can learn more about these amazing animals and how best to better protect them to help reverse this decline.

Bottlenose dolphins are the charismatic superstars of the sea: their brains are huge, much bigger than ours. They have and regularly use individual names. They share cultural knowledge in their groups of how to hunt and survive in their home area. In Cornwall our local inshore group are not thriving in the way they should around our rich coastline. All donations will contribute to understanding more about our dolphins’ conservation needs and what can be done to help them, so please make a donation today – it would be tragic to lose them!


To donate please go to or text DOLP15 £10 to 70070



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