Christmas crafting

Christmas card crafting!

With everyone bringing out the hand crafted Christmas cards I thought Elsie and I could have a go, so we got busy and tried to create something I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to give to family and friends!!

Elsie loves to paint her hand and make prints at the moment, so when I saw this design on Pinterest I thought it would be the perfect choice! It also looked fairly simple (though looks can be deceiving!),  Elsie is 2 and getting her to follow any kind of instruction can be challenging at times… so even ‘open your fingers and press down’ had the possibility of going wrong!! However she actually picked it up quickly and once dry she loved sticking the eyes and nose on, bringing the little reindeer to life!


materialsSo if you’d like to have a go you will need:

  1. Brown Paint
  2. A paint brush
  3. Some blank cards
  4. Something round and red for the reindeer nose
  5. Stick on eyes





Making these is pretty straight forward as you can tell, get your little one to paint their hand, press it down in the middle of the card and when it’s dry accessorise with nose and eyes, and anything else you fancy! (We used some fun stamps and snowflake cut outs!)Reindeer steps


We also made some finger print Christmas tree and button bauble cards… I think Elsie’s favourite bit was sticking on tons of star glitter 🙂 Her attention span isn’t that long, so we made these cards in two short sessions, we had lots of fun and I think it helped her understand Christmas is finally on the way!!



Have fun whatever crafting you get up to this festive season and be sure to share your pictures with us! painting finger

Happy Christmas

Love from Emily x

(Mum to Leo and Elsie and Frugi Marketing Coordinator!)




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