Creating Christmas Traditions with your little ones

Christmas is the most magical time to spend with your family, it’s an exciting time for your little ones to experience all the traditions and create their first Christmas memories. As families grow it’s lovely to build some traditions early on that will be carried on year after year…


We’ve had a sit down here at Frugi HQ and thought long and hard about what we do with our little ones, whether they are new things we’ve started or traditions that have been carried on from our family generation after generation! Check out our list of top traditions below!



  1. When family units begin to grow, we purchase bits and pieces to be pulled from the loft every year…with lovely wooden advent calendars being top of the list! The advent calendar symbolises the beginning of the festivities and as soon as the little ones clap eyes on this they know it’s going to all start happening!! Opening the doors together each morning and looking at the pictures is a lovely thing. 🙂 If chocolates are involved the advent calendar is also a useful bribery technique to make the morning run a little smoother!!


  1. Everyone seems to be starting the build up to Christmas earlier than ever… so no sooner are the advent calendars out, the trees are also going up in some households! Everyone has a different opinion on this, but it seems that once a date is decided it’s stuck to for years… i.e. 2 weeks before Christmas, first Saturday in December etc.


  1. We have found the cold weather outside encourages crafting activities at home. Whether you are gathering bits and creating a festive wreath together, baking the seasonal mince pies and gingerbread men or decorating the tree – if they are old enough they will love getting involved and if smaller they’ll be mesmerised by the twinkly lights, bright colours and hive of activity!


  1. One tradition we especially love is when each year a new tree decoration will be purchased or made for your little one…in years to come, there will be a box full of decorative toys and they will forever hold the happy memories that go along with them.


  1. There are always lots of trips out to be made over the festive period. Checking out Christmas lights and illuminations in your area, nativity plays, not forgetting a visit to Santa in his Grotto! These are special experiences your little ones will love repeating year after year.
  2. The excitement really ramps up on Christmas Eve, leaving the obligatory mince pie and drink for Father Christmas along with the carrot for Rudolf… also extra little details seem to be featuring more these days, like creating the snowy (flour) foot prints from Santa! (For more tips and tricks on how to get away with being Santa check out our next blog!!).


PJA557NAT_27.  Also a new set of PJ’s is often given as a gift on Christmas Eve to make bedtime extra special whilst reading The Night Before Christmas. Plus your little ones will look extra special for the mornings festivities.


8.  Lastly, there are so many good family Christmas films, cuddling up together and watching family favourites such as Elf and Miracle on 34th Street throughout the month is a must!


This is such a special time for your little ones and keeping the legend of Santa and traditions of Christmas going for as long as possible is so magical. We’d love to hear what your own family traditions are, please comment below. 🙂DRA507STW_3

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