Dear Santa…


It’s Santa letter writing time… our downloadable template makes it easy and fun for your little ones to do 🙂 Our marketing coordinator Emily helped her little girl Elsie write her first ever letter to Santa… she had an interesting request!

Download the letter here Dear Santa…


Elsie and I had lots of fun writing her letter to Father Christmas last night, as her writing still isn’t up to much (being 2.5yrs old) she told me she had written and asked Father Christmas for a monkey!! She was really concentrating and working hard to fill it in.  When I read out the ‘This year I have been’ options she was quick to tell me she had been very good… which is debatable of course, having coloured in all of the keys on daddy’s piano with a highlighter yesterday!

It was so sweet seeing her little face think about it all, we are going to post it today… how does your Father Christmas letter get posted? Do you send it up the chimney, let the Elf on the shelf take it, or send it off with Royal Mail? If like us you’ll be popping to the post box, make sure you send it soon, if letters are received at the Royal Mail address by the 6th December you may get a reply from the big man himself.. You can find Santa’s address and the Royal Mail info here

I cannot wait to see Elsie’s face if she gets a reply from Father Christmas! Ha ha

I think the magic of Christmas started in our house tonight!

Now where can I go buy a Monkey??… Quick!!

letter 1



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