How to get away with being Santa

We’ve all been there, excitedly putting out the carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie and glass of milk for Father Christmas, ensuring everything is ready whilst watching the clock, making sure it’s not too late to go to bed in case you miss the chance for your stocking to be filled. The excitement of coming down the next morning to stockings full of presents and a plate of crumbs and a half drunk glass of milk on the floor is hard to forget!

Well now it’s our turn to keep the magic alive, not only is Father Christmas a wonderful excuse to keep your kids in check in the run up to Christmas but to see the excitement on their faces whilst they eagerly await the big man’s arrival is priceless. We’ve done some research (including an office Mother’s meeting) to bring you some of the best ideas for ways you can play a super convincing Father Christmas!

First things first, we LOVE the footprint idea! Putting talcum powder (or flour) on the floor and making big boot prints in it is a great way to show the kids the trail of snow Father Christmas brought with him from Lapland.

Another, less messy, option is to leave a trail of chocolate coins leading from the kids bedrooms to their stockings as a sign of Father Christmas leading them to their gifts. Kids love this tasty treat in the morning (naughty, we know, but it is Christmas!).

Kids love finding things… so a spot of exploring in the garden for any ‘signs’ of jolly old St Nick can be a fun activity. Leaving a bell that’s fallen off the sleigh or some reindeer poo (chocolate raisins) on the grass are great clues to be found!

If you’re keen for Father Christmas to leave a big, special impression on your kids that will last all year long, we like the idea of him writing a note for each child telling them why they earned their presents this year and what to work on next year…..

If you’re feeling particularly energetic (!), after the kids have gone to bed, go outside and start jingling some bells whilst throwing a tennis ball or two on to the roof to make it sound like the sleigh is landing on top. Remember to stay well-hidden and to tell the kids that if they spot Father Christmas he won’t leave any presents! Your neighbours may think you are mad, but the kids will love it!!

Lastly, we love the idea of the tradition that early on Christmas Eve, your little ones get a new set of special PJs… some say Father Christmas drops these off  on the front door step as he’s passing, before coming back later with the presents. Our favourites this year are our Awesome Onesie’s in a fab winter print! santa-blog

We hope the magic of Father Christmas coming to visit stays with you for many more years!! Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Frugi!!


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