Meg’s Quiche Eggstravaganza!


Cook someone their favourite food…

As the first candidate for the Ideas Stick (no pressure!), I drew January’s stick which turned out to be a kitchen activity, ‘Cook someone their favourite food!’  I decided I would create a culinary delight in the form of a quiche, for a surprise baby shower I was attending later in the month. This meant I’d have plenty of time to try out recipes and make sure that there were no soggy bottoms! Someone there’s favourite food would be quiche…surely?Meg2

However, the night before the baby shower I found myself wandering clueless around my local super market trying to figure out what Gruyère was and whether I had used all the double cream on the strudel I’d made the night before! (Just in case any of you are wondering Gruyère, according to google, is a firm, tangy cheese and is located – as you’d expect – in the cheese & dairy aisle of most supermarkets.)

I will admit after gathering up all the ingredients and watching it go through the checkout, I did consider whether anyone would really notice if I just bought a quiche and merely heated it up, maybe burning it a little for authenticity!? Luckily honesty got the better of me and off home I trotted with my bag of ingredients.

I popped on my apron and laid all my ingredients out. Now this is where my obsession for kitchen paraphernalia came into its own! I had everything I could possibly need for the task ahead, from loose bottom tins (I found some mini ones too!) to ceramic baking beans. HA to all those who said I would never actually use them!

Things went off to a smooth start, mainly because I bought some pre-made short crust pastry…I am fully aware that this was cheating but with limited hours of the day left and the building pressure of producing something that was actually edible and recognisable as a quiche I felt this was my only option!

I had opted for a quiche classic, the one and only quiche Lorraine, and used the easiest recipe the web had to offer which can be found here:

I am one of these chefs (might be over classifying myself) who likes to nibble and as a lover of cheese I thought that the Gruyère would be a lovely mid-cooking snack…it wasn’t! I did however enjoy a nibble on the cooked bacon; I opted for smoked bacon rather than lardons.

The entire recipe was easy to follow and I even had a little extra to make some mini quiches as a well done treat for myself before bed! I think the trickiest bits were trying to get the filled pastry cases into the oven without spilling the liquid filling everywhere and actually transporting the quiche to the baby shower which was an hour’s drive away!



The baby shower was a complete surprise and people had travelled from far and wide with various delicious nibbles that we wasted no time tucking into and gorgeous gifts for the little bump! (Yes I took the lovely Frugi Bubbly Baby Giftset with me, which was ideal as it comes in a gift box, as let’s face it with all this cooking there was no time for anything else!)

NEXT MONTH ON THE IDEA STICKS: Cesca is Februarys candidate (which is a good job as it’s not long ‘till she leaves us on maternity leave) she drew a ‘Just for Fun…’ activity which was ‘Create a time capsule! ‘






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