Frugi Swimwear – we tried it out, have you?

I work in the marketing team at Frugi, so have been aware our swimwear range was coming out for sometime… as soon as I was allowed to get my hands on it I took our two little ones down to the local pool to try it out.

Elsie was particularly pleased with her swimsuit as it had a ‘little skirt’, she spun around and  showed me her twirls!! She also showed me the picture of the boat that was ‘like Daddy’s’, although it’s not quite, but hey ho a boat it is none the less! Both fitted perfectly and looked really comfortable. We had a fab time playing in the pool and Auntie Jo was on hand to help (there was no way I could manage this outing alone, so back up was called for!)

Aside from it looking really lovely Frugi have pulled out all the stops to make it brilliant on lots of levels, here is a nice graphic to tell you why…


There are also lots of other fab designs you can check out here

If you’ve tried the swimwear out already we’d love to hear from you, let us know what you think and comment below with a mini review!!

Thank you,  love Emily


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