Life before kids – encapuslated

If you remember back in January the marketing team at Frugi took a slightly different take on New Years Resolutions… instead we decided to create a bunch of ideas sticks, nice things to do throughout the year, that we may not usually get round to – this month Cesca pulled a ‘Just For Fun’ stick and had to ‘Create a Time Capsule’!! Have a read below to find out how she got on 🙂

Having picked the ‘Create a Time Capsule’ stick, I thought what on earth am I going to put in to that and thought perhaps it would have been better suited to one of my colleagues with young children as a fun activity. It then occurred to me that being 7 months pregnant, perhaps this could be an activity for my husband and I to do, filling a time capsule with little reminders of our life now before our baby joins us! Perhaps we should consider a before and after capsule!

As I’m about to be a first time mum, I wasn’t quite sure what we were going to lose once our little bundle of joy arrives, except wine, we had a good feeling our enjoyment of wine, pub visits and cocktail Friday’s were soon to be shaken out of our care free lifestyle! So I did a bit of research around the office, chatting to current Frugi mum’s to see what we should include in our ‘before baby capsule’.


So first thing’s first, in goes that wine (empty – my husband didn’t see why he should miss out by putting in a full bottle!)

We then popped in an old receipt from a previous meal out to represent the end of dinner reservations, at least ones that are not pre-planned to the nth degree.

Next up, a clock! We love our sleep, so having our own personal alarm clock that you can’t set the time on is going to be a bit of a shock to the system! So long Sunday lie-in’s with a cup of tea and Sunday Brunch on the TV. 🙁

We also popped in a pair of small jeans – who knows if and when I’ll be able to fit in to those bad boys again! Cinema tickets – not sure any other cinema goers will appreciate a very small child belting out a terrific wail just as Daniel Craig goes in for the kill…! And a picture from our last holiday – a fabulous holiday in an adults-only resort with plenty of sun, sea and spa treatments. Bliss!

And the finished result….Tah Dah!

Time capsule

But it’s not all adios as everything good needs to be put away in a box, we have a new addition to our family arriving and I’m not sure we could be any more excited! Once this box closes, another opens with an array of new ‘family’ activities we’ll be able to experience and enjoy together! 🙂

Genna, our photography Co-ordinator has picked her idea stick for April and  is up next with her blog on ‘Taking a Dip in the Sea’… Check back next month to see how she got on! Brrrrrr!


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