#Frugifamily blog reviews SS16

As usual we’ve been busy with our lovely Frugi family bloggers again this season and they have been writing us some really fab reviews! (You may have seen the recent twitter action earlier this week when they all went live… if you want to catch up search #Frugifamily) Here is a collection of their beautiful photos and you can find the links to all their blogs below.

We had some truly lovely feedback and it’s been really nice to introduce some new members to the family this time around too. Β We’ve tried to cover all ages of Frugi clothing and you’ll see their choice of item is varied and hopefully their honest reviews will help you decide on your next Frugi treat!!


Here are the links to their blogs, they follow on from each other so have a read through and tell us which is your favourite πŸ™‚

What Mummy ThinksΒ – Perran PJsSS16 Frugi-Family-Logos_1

What The Red Head SaidΒ – Snuggle Fleece

My Two MumsΒ – Zip-Up Hoody

Would Like To BeΒ – Lamorna Reversible Dress

Chelsea MammaΒ – Porthcurno Party Dress

Downs Side UpΒ – Zennor Dress

Global Mouse TravelsΒ – Porthcurno Party Dress

Ghost Writer MummyΒ – Springtime Dungarees

Write like no one’s watchingΒ – Perran PJs

Dear BeautifulΒ – Little Lola Dress

The Black Pearl BlogΒ – Sunny Days Single Bed Set

Belle Du BrightonΒ – Β Zennor Dress

Goblin ChildΒ – Hayle Hoody and Kneepatch Dungarees

Mum In Β A NutshellΒ – Parsnip Pants

Dolly DowsieΒ – Β Zip-Up Hoody

We’d like to say a BIG thank you too all our lovely bloggers that took part and we are looking forward to your next Swimwear installment πŸ™‚

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