‘Perfect! I love a sea swim!’

Following on from our activity stick idea back when others were starting their new year’s resolutions, the marketing team at Frugi decided to all try something they might not usually do, taking turns once a month… last month Genna (our photography coordinator) pulled out the ‘Go for a swim in the sea’ stick … This was before the weather started to warm up a  little, so she was very brave!!

stickssticks 2Genna

So over to Genna…

Swimming in the sea- perfect. I love the sea. I was pleased I didn’t have a baking task at least.


April isn’t the easiest month to squeeze in a little sea swim, I prefer to have 5mm of neoprene between me and the water at this time of year, but my plan was to wait for a beautifully still and warm day to take the plunge wetsuit-less.

Well, that was a nice thought, but as the deadline grew closer it appeared that it was to be cold and windy dip! Normally, on a lovely summers day, there is nothing better than getting in the sea. It’s easy to take it for granted living down here, but it’s amazing how even the shortest of dips can effect your mood. My favourite time to go is straight after work; it’s like squeezing in an extra day off in the evening.

Small (1)

My time of choice was after work on a sunny(ish) Wednesday, there was a bit of a chilly east wind, but at least it wasn’t raining. The air temperatures and sea temperature were equal, both a balmy 11 degrees. This should mean that it would feel the same, right?

I always find the worst part is walking in. You know those people that walk in up to their waist and then stay there for ages ‘getting used to it’, wincing every time a wave comes? That’s me. It’s totally pointless and only prolongs the bad bit. The sooner your shoulders are under the better, and then you can get on with enjoying it.


On my chosen swim day, the beach was still quite busy as I walked down the path, and I could even spy a couple of people in the sea already! Excellent, it couldn’t be that cold then. I changed into my swim things and walked straight in before I could think about it too much. And you know what, it was actually pretty pleasant! …. For a couple of minutes. I’d like to say I swam a respectable distance but really I floated about in the shallows until I felt that I’d earned a hot chocolate (turns out about a minute and a half is enough).



I walked out with numb feet and tingling skin, with a massive smile on my face- there’s something very exhilarating about a cold, outdoor swim. It feels like it does you a world of good. And look: here are actual proper sciencey facts to back me up…


Sea swimming has been proven to boost levels of serotonin and dopamine (happy hormones). There are also studies which have shown that swimming in seawater can help promote a healthy immune system.


Cold water swimming can improve your circulation AND saltwater swimming can hydrate and improve the appearance of your skin! (Apparently).


Right, better get back in then.





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  1. Louisa

    Well done! I’ve not ventured in yet this year without a wetsuit – have promised my 4 yr old son I will go in with him this weekend though for his birthday on the Sunday! Brrr x

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