Upcycling! Ideas sticks, continued!

Ideas sticks… fun activities you might not usually make time for! sticks

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You’ve probably go the gist of this by now  (if you’ve read any of our previous blogs) but when others were starting their new year’s resolutions, the marketing team at Frugi decided to all try something they might not usually do, taking turns once a month… this month it’s my turn, I pulled the ‘Up-cycle a piece of furniture’ stick!


This is perfect for me, as it’s something I love to do, however… having had two little ones recently it’s not something I’ve made time for, so this gave me the perfect excuse and I knew exactly what I wanted to do, something I’d be thinking about for a while! We have this old rocking chair, we found abandoned on the side of a road when we moved into our first house together back in 2005, its a nice old chair but not particularly exciting. A good sand down and a lick of bright paint was exactly what it needed 🙂

So this is it… It’s been sat in our music room, occasionally rocking parents off to sleep while waiting for their little ones piano lesson to finish, or just hanging out, taking up space, watching our family antics unravel around it for the past 10 years!  IMG_0354


So I thought it was time to give it a new lease of life, make it a center piece, a talking point!! My husband wasn’t so keen on my idea, but my mind was made up and I assured him it would look fab! I have grand ideas for the music room eventually… this is just the first piece of the jigsaw!! I showed him some Pinterest images to explain how it will all finally look!! (Maybe! Ha ha!) I told him to keep the faith!


I set about sanding, it took a couple of hours because of all the fiddly bits, but I knew a good bit of time sanding would make it easier to paint in the long run! Next I slapped on two coats of this lovely yellow colour and then.. bobs your uncle!

IMG_0390A beautiful up-cycled rocking chair to make everyday a sunny day in our household!! Viola!!

I was at home with my little man Leo when I bought it inside after it had dried over night, I couldn’t resist popping him on it, he loved it!! It’s currently got a temporary home in my daughters bedroom while I get on with decorating the rest of the music room, but I cannot wait to get it back in there and see the whole scheme finished!! I’m so glad I chose this activity stick as I’ve been wanting to get my paint brush back out for a while, and it gave me a nudge to get on with it… and I love the result! Whoop!





Sorry… I know, I know.. too many snaps… but he was looking so cute I couldn’t resist!!



We’ll be back next month when another member of the team pulls a new ideas/activity stick from our pot and has a go at something different.

Thanks for reading, Emily x (Social and PR person!)

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