A Frugi inspired dairy-free treat for World Chocolate Day!

We were delighted when our friend Iris told us she had created some yummy treats for her little girl inspired by our clothing – how cool 🙂 Iris’ daughter is dairy intolerant so it was great to hear about a dairy-free alternative! So… everyone can celebrate world chocolate day!

Oh why hello everyone! We are off to the park in my new gorgeous Frugi outfit to get some pictures taken by my very ‘snap-happy’ mummy since the sun is out to play. She did promise that after a few pictures, I get to run about in peace.

A few days ago we received a very happy post in the mail. Yay, I love presents especially if they are addressed to me … the ‘baby’. Mummy was delighted as she she loves bright colours and I personally loved the hen and the flower on the dress. The flower is on the side! This dress is very clever as it’s reversible… I can smear as much chocolate as I want on one side and I can still look presentable. Just need to ask mummy to whip it around!


Ps. it was very sunny but not that warm. Thank goodness for our comfy Frugi cardigan! Here’s more pictures of me giving modelling a go.



It was a very exciting day for me as after a short play at the playground, mummy made me some healthy dairy free chocolate paired with homemade melon ‘ice cream’. She was inspired by the hen and flower print on my dress 🙂




Ps. you can make this too! Its just cantaloupe, cubed and frozen. Blitzed in the food processor with a tablespoon of honey. Frozen dairy-free chocolate made with the Alpro chocolate tub.

Happy World Chocolate Day everyone!

Lots of love from my mummy and me xx

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