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Over the last few years, our lovely Frugi Family have been reviewing our latest collections on their blogs, providing us with fantastic & honest feedback. We thought it would be a fun idea to host a Frugi Family Blog Takeover where they get to chat about a topic of their choice… Get ready for a range of exciting blogs from fun summer activities, to travelling tips and even delicious recipes! Frugi Family Takeover Blog #4 is from What the Redhead Said.

“Most families are used to only needing to entertain the children for a couple of days a week during the school year so when the summer holidays arrive it can be daunting trying to find ideas of things to do to not only keep the children entertained but not break the bank either.

Here are my top tips on things to do outside with the children for free this summer:

Go to the park – The park is such an underrated place. Whether it’s a local play park or a country park children will love to spend a day there. You can play on the adventure playground, go for a walk, kick a ball around, fly a kite and have a picnic. The options are endless – and the park is such a simple childhood pleasure.

Find some water – Children love water. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a local splashpool or a river the children will have a great time – and you can take a picnic too. Rivers are great for so many free activities – fishing, skipping stones or filling up a jam jar to see what you can find lurking in the murky depths. Such great places to explore as a child.pool

Find the Gruffalo – Whether you go to an official Gruffalo Trail or just got to a forest it’s always great to get the children involved in searching for not only the Gruffalo but all of the other characters from the much loved books too. Whilst they’re at it they can also search for the Stick Man, go on a Bear Hunt or act out aspects of any other favourite books.

Play in the Garden – Yep, it’s just the garden. But the garden can be a neverending source of entertainment – and there are snacks and drinks readily available too. Fill the paddling pool up or give the kids the washing up bowl to fill up and play with. Give them paint brushes to paint the fences with water. Let them help with the gardening, help peg the washing out or draw on the patio with chalk. There are just so many free activities you can do from the comfort of your own garden this summer.

water play

Geocaching – Geocaching is a relatively new thing where people hide something for other people to find. It’s usually a water tight box with things in and it can be all sorts of fun going on an adventure to find a geocache. It’s even more exciting as you never know what you’ll find!

and one extra one for luck…

Pokemon Go – I feel like I have to add this one in as it’s a bit of a new phenomenon which I think will be incredibly popular this summer. When you’re out doing any of the other activities, children can be looking for Pokemon at the same time.

So there are a few things to do for free this summer. I know that we’ll be having fun for free as much as possible this year. What are your favourite things to do for free with the kids?”

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  1. karen - would like to be

    All great ideas. We have been out and about and about to go o holiday but water fun and garden have featured high on our list of things to do this summer!

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