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Frugi-Family-Logo_AW16_Blog_Take_OverOver the last few years, our lovely Frugi Family have been reviewing our latest collections on their blogs, providing us with fantastic & honest feedback. We thought it would be a fun idea to host a Frugi Family Blog Takeover where they get to chat about a topic of their choice… Get ready for a range of exciting blogs from fun summer activities, to travelling tips and even delicious recipes!

First up in our Frugi Family Blog Takeover is Karen from Would Like To Be Yummy Mummy.

“We love the summer holidays and appreciate that children need to rest, relax and recover after a year at school. However, in reality young children don’t stop do they? They flit from one activity to another, always wondering what’s happening next. Days out and holidays can be quite expensive and can’t fill every day, so here’s a few ideas on how to keep them entertained over the next few weeks and prevent yourself from going crazy!

1. Go for a walk and enjoy a picnic:


This is such a simple activity yet one that the whole family will enjoy. There are so many parks and beautiful walks across the country that you can be sure to find somewhere lovely near you. We love getting out and exploring as a family and it’s amazing how much a little fresh air and outdoors fun can lift everyones spirits. Something we will be doing over and over this summer. If you don’t want to venture far, though even a trip to the local play park will make a difference.

2. Turn on the sprinkler or fill up the paddling pool:


When the sun shines it’s time to cool down with a little water fun. It’s bound to bring out the smiles in the smallest of children to the biggest. Even better if you invite over friends. Lots of giggles and smiles guaranteed!

3. Go to the movies:


Everyone loves going to the cinema and this summer there are a number of fantastic family films on. It’s not cheap these days though so if its not for you you could always have a movie afternoon/evening at home with popcorn and treats. The kids will love it.

4. Bring out the games:


Children love it when you sit down and play a game with them and you can do it indoors or out. Although in this house we tend to save them for rainy day fun! I can’t promise it won’t occasionally end in tears though but fun nonetheless.

5. Visit family or friends:


Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference. Even if you only get away form home for the day or a night, it could be just what you need.

6. Get messy and creative:


Most children love to get messy so this is always a good one. On rainy days we empty the craft box and let them lose with the recycling box, glue and sequins. On warmer days we like to make moon dough fairy spells and other things outside in the garden. There are so many fantastic craft ideas for kids on the internet. Perhaps you could make a list of things together that you would like to make or do during the holidays.

7. Get out the bikes:


Fresh air and exercise is always good for us all. Maybe if your little one hasn’t learnt to ride without stabilisers yet then you could even teach them. Our youngest went from balance bike to two wheeler at just three years old.

8. Head to the beach:


We live two hours away from the closest beach and can still make it there and back in a day. Just to breath in that sea air and see the delight on your children faces will make the journey worthwhile. There you go, eight ideas on how to keep the whole family entertained this summer. Hope it helps and that you all have an amazing summer full of lots of fun.

Karen x”


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  1. Kardn

    Ooohh first up, I wasn’t expecting that. We had a lot of fun capturing the girls in some of their favourite Frugi outfits for this post. Can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with ? X

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