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Over the last few years, our lovely Frugi Family have been reviewing our latest collections on their blogs, providing us with fantastic & honest feedback. We thought it would be a fun idea to host a Frugi Family Blog Takeover where they get to chat about a topic of their choice… Get ready for a range of exciting blogs from fun summer activities, to travelling tips and even delicious recipes! Frugi Family Takeover Blog #3 is from Chelsea Mama.

“The 2012 Olympics were amazing for the UK and inspired so many children to try their hand at sport. This year the Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil between 5th-21st August and whilst there may not be the celebrations of 2012, we can still inspire our children to get sporty by holding our very own beach olympics.

Living on the south coast we are spoilt with glorious beaches on our doorstep and sand and water are a great combination that invite free play and will trigger most kids’ imaginations to create fabulous, undirected games and activities so why not try your hand at some Beach Olympics.

Chelsea Mamma 1

Draw a line in the sand and grab some stone markers to see who jumped the furthest in the Long Jump; Get the kids digging and makes some ridges in the sand for a Sand Hurdle Race; Create a Water Bucket Relay by giving each child a plastic cup, spoon or large shell and have them run to the water, fill their carrying implement, and race to empty it in a bucket to see who collects the most water or why not see who can dig the deepest hole.

One of our favourite game has to be inflatable races, where the kids ride a giant inflatable each and have to bounce to the finish line. If there is lots of you, you could turn it into a relay race.

Another of our favourites is Beach Frisbee Cricket. Set up targets using items you brought to the beach (could be a picnic blanket, a towel, or just dig some holes in the sand to aim at) and see who can hit the cricket ball the closest.

Chelsea Mamma 2

What child doesn’t love the water? For younger children a spot of wave jumping will keep them amused for ages, or for older ones grab those body boards and try your hand at catching waves, seeing who can stay on the longest.

Creating beach olympics doesn’t mean you have to lug lots of extra equipment to the beach, simply use what you have already. Our beach kit consists of buckets and spades, a Waboba ball which bounces on the water, an inflatable beach ball, frisbee and those all important towels!

Chelsea Mamma 3

If you don’t mind carrying a bit of extra equipment to the beach try your hand at Squirt The Ball – using a water pistol, see how far you can squirt the beach ball along the sand, although this is not a game to be played on a windy day!

It doesn’t all have to be about sporting activities, if the kids prefer building sandcastles they could create their own Olympic Village and when it is time to go, do your highest jumps or karate kicks to knock it all down again!”

Chelsea Mamma 4

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    This looks like a lot of fun and of course who doesn’t love a gold medal? x

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