Have a picnic! Continuing our alternative new year’s resolution project.

Earlier this month Katy, our Trade Marketing Assistant, continued our alternative new year’s resolution project and chose the next ideas stick. She pulled the ‘Have a picnic’ activity stick, so here is her blog 🙂

Ooo a picnic, everyone loves a picnic! And what with it being the beginning of August I thought there was no better time of the year to have a sunny picnic outside… yep, completely forgot that I live in Cornwall!

I had, rather spontaneously, decided to host the picnic to coincide with our lovely Marketing Director Laura’s leaving do (boo  🙁 ) but unfortunately the weather had other ideas. So the liquid sunshine that Cornwall is so well known for made my outdoor picnic into a fab indoor picnic!

Everyone from within the Marketing Team had brought some wonderful food in:

Emily’s (Consumer Marketing Coordinator) famous Roasted Pots,


Katy’s (Me! Trade Marketing Administrator) homemade Pitta Pizzas,

picnic 2

Matt’s (Ecommerce Executive) Potato Salad in a popcorn bowl,

picnic 3

Helene’s (Consumer Marketing Coordinator) yummy vegan Chocolate Slices,

picnic 4

The whole table was full of fab foody delights!

picnic 7

And after laying it all out it was time to tuck in! Laura, the lady of the moment, went first of course and then the rest of the Marketing team with their paper plates in hand dived on in…

picnic 5

picnic 6

It is not very often that the whole of Marketing get an opportunity to sit down for lunch at the same time so it was so lovely to have a good chat and a laugh while digging in to our yummy picnic food!

picnic fun


Nom! Nom!

picnic more

With everyone full to the brim of potatoes, pizza and crudités it was time for PRESENTS!

picnic 9

For her leaving presents we had all pitched in to get Laura a gorgeous bottle of Cornish gin, two tonic mixers and a book all about GIN…are you sensing a theme here at all?!

And with our bellies bulging and all ready for a long afternoon nap all that was left was to say a tearful goodbye to our fab Marketing Director and a heartfelt good luck for the future!

picnic again


Come back next month to see how Helene will be getting creative in her home 🙂

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  1. karen - would like to be

    What a lovely way to say goodbye x

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