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Over the last few years, our lovely Frugi Family have been reviewing our latest collections on their blogs, providing us with fantastic & honest feedback. We thought it would be a fun idea to host a Frugi Family Blog Takeover where they get to chat about a topic of their choice… Get ready for a range of exciting blogs from fun summer activities, to travelling tips and even delicious recipes! Frugi Family Takeover Blog #2 is from The Black Pearl Blog.

“Hi everyone. My name is Sandra and I am a mum to Zachary (5) and Mia (1). When I am not busy running around after these two, I write The Black Pearl Blog which is my third baby and a hobby I absolutely adore.

My kids always snack, so it’s very important to me to give them something healthy, or at least ‘relatively healthy’. We usually opt for fresh fruit, rice cakes, some cheese and a drink of water, but I also love preparing other snacks for my little munchkins, especially when they can get involved in making them.

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One of our favourites is a simple smoothie. We always use frozen mixed berries, a banana, an apple and a splash of water or coconut water and it always tastes delicious. Zachary is quite fussy, but he started drinking homemade smoothies and loves preparing them together -chucking the fruit in, blending, pouring into a cute jar and picking a straw. It’s all fun! You can even get away with adding extras they might not normally eat.

Another super simple snack we love in the Summer is a yoghurt ice lolly. These can be as healthy or as naughty as you want them to be and you can mix the ingredients up depending on your child’s preferences. My kids love fromage frais, so we usually opt for that, with a dollop of elderberry jam for added vitamin C. You can get the ice lolly trays in bargain shops or on ebay for a couple of pounds and they are super useful. Again, it is a lot of fun making these with the kids and you can add fresh fruit etc to make sure they get their 5 a day. You pour the yoghurt into each mould, add fruit etc, put the lids on and pop in the freezer. Wait a few hours…. Et voila!

Not pictured, but fruit skewers are amazing and quick to make too and full of goodness!

What are your favourite Summer snacks for kids?



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  1. karen - would like to be

    My girls love smoothies and home made ice lollies. We quite often mix orange juice and spinach and pour into ice lolly moulds. The result is bright green and we call them frog lollies, they love them! Great post x

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